Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (June 12, 2009)



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Show/Episode: She’s Got the Look Season 2 — TV Land, reality

What happened: Out lesbian rock singer/mom Sandy is one of the 10 finalists in this modeling competition for women over 35.

Show: Suomen huippumalli haussa 2 (The Search for Finland’s Top Model Cycle 2) — Finland, reality competition

What happened: The three final contestants did two photo shoots. In the first, they’re supposed to be coming from a funeral as a group, wearing high-end designer dresses and portraying sadness and loss. Nanna has some difficulties because of a sun stroke she suffered the day before. She even fell down the steps when getting off the bus taking them to the photo shoot location. On the second shoot they had to pose with a male model in a 1930s-style setting for camera company Canon. The photographer told Nanna she looked breathtaking in these photos, despite experiencing some major difficulties with the high heels.

The feedback from the judges is that Nanna has a lot of potential, is editorial, and has the best personality of the contestants. But her awkward body movement and high heels are a big problem. It came down to eliminating Nanna or another contestant (who had gotten only praises from the judges) but the judges decided to save both of them, and next week all the 3 models compete in the finale for the title of the next Finnish top model.

What else you need to know: check out this blog post for more photos of Nanna from this season, and comments from our Finnish readers on how Nanna’s openness about her sexual orientation has been received by audiences in Finland.

Special thanks to: emptyinbetween

Show/Episode: The Duel II — MTV, reality

What happened: Aneesa managed to beat Tori in the duel, which means she gets to stay and compete in the final duel for the money. It’s then revealed that there will be one more duel before the final challenge. Brad and Landon and Brittni and Diem go into the final duel, where Brad and Brittni are victorious, leaving Brittni, Aneesa, Rachel, Mark, Brad and Evan as the final six. Brad takes over the lead after Evan screws up, and gets paired up with Rachel, the lead girl, for the second part of the challenge. Brad’s leg cramps up, allowing Evan and Brittni to catch up. Rachel then is able to separate from Brad, and she easily beats everyone to take first place. Evan beats Brad by seconds to take first place for the boys, and Mark helps Aneesa finish the challenge even though he didn’t have to, resulting in a third-place finish for them both.

Bottom line: Rachel and Evan walk away with $100k each, Brittni and Brad each get $25k, and Aneesa and Mark each get $15k.

Special thanks to: rusty_tiffany

Show: Los Hombres de Paco (Paco’s Men) — Spain, drama

What happened: Silvia, Pepa and a woman walk into a line up room. When the lights turn on Pepa sees women lined up in different wedding dresses. Silvia begins to talk about which one she likes and which one would look good on Pepa. Pepa looks confused and keeps looking from the dresses to Silvia.

The woman walks up to Pepa and starts measuring her and tells her which dress she should pick, and then leaves. Silvia walks up to Pepa, pops out a ring box, and says she wishes there was a better time than this, but there’s never is a good time and she can’t wait anymore. She opens the box and asks Pepa to marry her. Before Pepa can answer someone runs in looking for Silvia because Aitor was poisoned. They both run off to help, and eventually save his life. Later, when Silvia is sitting down completely worn out, Pepa walks up to her and digs in Silvia’s pocket for the ring. She takes it and puts it on her finger, smiling. They hug.

Special thanks to: Ines and Axon

Show: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) — Germany, drama

What happened: A large sum of money, allegedly from the weapons deal, is deposited into Carla’s account. Even though she is facing years in prison, she refuses to sign over her share in the Lahnstein Holding to Ansgar because the company was her father’s life work and she won’t let her brother use it to further his own sleazy dealings. Ansgar and Tanja taunt Carla with their victory and she pulls a gun on them. She can’t bring herself to shoot Ansgar, and instead appeals to his feelings as a father, to no avail. At a Lahnstein charity event for African orphans Carla is arrested (by a hot blonde police officer) in front of the assembled press and guests on suspicion of traffic in arms. Stella and Charlie continue to pretend they are a couple when Charlie hosts the yearly Gay and Lesbian Entrepreneurial Award at her restaurant. Carla was supposed to receive the award, but following her arrest the organisers decided to give the prize to Charlie. Stella, loyal to her employer, storms off in a huff when Charlie makes her acceptance speech. Charlie then announces that she is not a lesbian and gives back the award.

Special thanks to: Annelies

Show/Episode: Guiding Light — CBS, drama

What happened: Olivia leaves a message for Natalia to let her know she had fun making cookies with her. Natalia joins Rafe and Frank at the local bar to spend some time with her son. Josh helps fix Olivia’s car and when he comes face to face with her, they kiss, but Olivia pulls away from Josh and apologizes for kissing him. Olivia decides that she can go without sex if necessary to be with Natalia, but Natalia assures Olivia she wants to sleep with her (the word “sex” is never actually used during the entire conversation), while Rafe watches unseen.

What happens next: They say the word “sex,” and eavesdropping Rafe looks freaked.


— by Sarah Warn

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