“One Mississippi” recap (1.2): The Shit Hits The Fan


This episode of One Mississippi builds on a new genre of comedy that the pilot introduced. I’m trying to think of a more concise way to describe it, but basically, it’s dark, sad poop jokes for grownups. If that doesn’t sound interesting to you, you may want to find another way to kill half an hour.

In the middle of the night, Tig goes to find more toilet paper–she’s gone through six rolls in a matter of two days–and accidentally breaks a shelf in the pantry, waking Bill. When he comes looking for her (with a stun gun flashlight in case she’s an intruder bent on stealing his Cheez-its), she asks him about the night her mother fell and hit her head, a seemingly minor incident that left her brain-dead the next day. Bill says he tried to convince Caroline to put ice on the bump on her head, but she dismissed his concern and stayed up to watch Jimmy Kimmel. Everything Tig says has an undertone of “Why didn’t you do more to help her?” and you can see in Bill’s eyes that he hears it.

I know you’re not the one I’m really mad at, but “the grim specter of mortality and random chance in an uncaring universe” isn’t standing in front of me in this pantry right now.

Going through her mother’s mail the next day, Tig finds a customer satisfaction survey addressed to Caroline from the hospital where she died. Adding to her frustration is the fact that her substitute DJ in LA is getting the tone of her show all wrong. She decides she’ll record her show from Mississippi, beginning by gently mocking the hospital for asking a dead woman questions like “Did you return home or go to another health care facility?”

Remy finds Tig going through their mother’s belongings, unable to decide between keeping clothing she’ll never wear and giving away memories of Caroline. Then she comes across a picture of herself as a child with an adult man and makes a joke about being molested. Remy finds this upsetting, but Tig is adamant that she be allowed to joke about the terrible things that have happened to her.

one mississippi 2.2The deal is we get one coping mechanism per person. Mine is gallows humor, and I’m not letting you take that away from me.

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