Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 22, 2009)



There are no spoilers about future episodes, just updates on what has already aired.

Show/Episode: Guiding Light — CBS, drama

What happened: Olivia comes back from her trip and Natalia throws her arms around her. Olivia says maybe it’s time for them to move back in. Natalia doesn’t want to jump in too fast but says she doesn’t regret revealing to Olivia that she loves her. Olivia finds out that Edmund is dead and explains to Natalia that she saw him talking to someone the day before. Olivia realizes she needs to deal with that info. Natalia admits to Father Ray that she has feelings for Olivia.  Later, Natalia doesn’t think they should live together yet but not because she thinks it’s a sin. Olivia and Natalia decide they’ll just act normal at work but it turns out they can’t help flirting. Natalia says that if Olivia gives her special treatment, she can’t keep working for her. Olivia thinks that they should set up a time table of when they’re going to explain everything to Emma, Rafe, and the community about their relationship. Olivia admits she’s scared but knows it’s worth it. Frank informs Natalia they have scheduled a hearing for Rafe next week. Natalia is excited that Rafe could be coming home soon but knows it will change things for her and Olivia.

Show: Los Hombres de Paco (Paco’s Men) — Spain, drama

What happened: Curtis asks Pepa out and she agrees in order to let him down gently (he thinks she’s in love with him). Pepa and Silvia are clearly very happy together, although they’re still keeping their relationship on the down-low at work. They’re getting busy in Silvia’s lab when Curtis walks in to ask Silvia for advice on how to be with Pepa, since Silvia knows her best. Pepa hides and listens with a smile on her face as Silvia says humorous but glowing things about her to Curtis. Later, Pepa goes on her date with Curtis, and makes it clear to him that they aren’t going to be more than friends. She gets a suggestive text from Silvia during the date, and promptly makes up an excuse about needing to work, so she can leave and go hook up with Silvia.

Show/Episode: The Duel II — MTV, reality

What happened: This week’s challenge was individual rather than team-based. Jenn and Aneese both dropped out, and Rachel came in second. Paula chose to take Aneesa into the duel, Aneesa won, and Paula left the competition.

What else you need to know: there’s tension between Aneesa and Jenn/Rachel in next week’s episode, apparently stemming from the fact that Aneesa and Rachel had a brief fling several years ago. MTV has even posted a video clip entitled “Is Aneesa Tryin’ to Break up Rachel and Jenn?”


Special thanks to: rusty_tiffany

Show/Episode: The Best Years — The N, drama

What happened: Robyn has a crush on a girl, and although she struggles with it for a few episoded, the season ends before it can really be explored. In the season finale, Robyn decides she misses her boyfriend Noah and goes back to him.

Show/Episode: Master Chef Australia — Australia, competitive reality

What happened: Out lesbian contestant Michelle was eliminated.

Special thanks to: Sasha

Show/Episode: Infidels — Spain, drama

What happened: This new Catalan series about five friends includes sweet, shy Arlet, who lives with her boyfriend of eight years but isn’t very happy. When she falls for a swimming instructor, Dani, they begin a tentative romance that turns into a passionate affair when they finally sleep together. Arlet’s now decided she’s in love with Dani, and is determined to tell her boyfriend.

What else you need to know: You can read more about the series here if you speak Spanish

Special thanks to: Rogue and Joana

Show: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) — Germany, drama

What happened: Stella is still pining for Charlie, Charlie is still not into women. In yet another attempt to win Charlie over, Stella dresses up in a hat and moustache and chats Charlie up at the bar. Charlie goes along with the charade and clearly enjoys the attentions of the smooth-operating “gentleman.” They move to Stella’s apartment for coffee, but Charlie is out the door as soon as the moustache comes off.

Stella finally concludes that she doesn’t stand a chance with Charlie and goes for some retail therapy. Charlie on the other hand notices that she can’t get Stella out of her mind. When she tries to tell Stella, Stella doesn’t give her a chance to speak because she’s late for a date. Charlie goes into stalker mode and hangs around to see if Stella will take her date up to her apartment at the end of the night. The next day the two agree to limit their interaction to professional encounters.

Special thanks to: Annelies

Show: Hospital Central — Spain, drama

What happened: Maca wants to buy Esther a diamond to make up for packing up all of Esther’s stuff without asking, but there’s a robbery-related shoot-out at the jewelry story, they have to call the hospital in order to save one of the thieves’ life, and Esther finds out everything. When they meet again at the hospital, they agree they’ve been acting like idiots, and decide to find a house they can live in to together immediately. In the next episode, they’re house-hunting and decide to skip the bigger, more expensive house Esther likes in favor of a more reasonably priced one. The real estate agent comes to the hospital so they can sign the contract, but becomes ill and has to be treated. When Esther calls the real estate agency to tell them the agent is sick, she finds out the woman is a not a real estate agent, but the housekeeper, and that there are people already living in that house. Esther angrily confronts the woman, who gives them back the money, but now they are left with no house to rent. Maca feels bad for saying “no” maybe too soon to the big, expensive house Esther liked, but Esther tells her that she hadn’t yet called to tell them no, so they arrange a meeting immediately, and secure the house.

Special thanks to: Clarix

Show/Episode: Hasufim (Exposed) — Israel, drama

What happened: Shira returns to Tel-Aviv and agrees to be a guest on a TV talk show for an episode on forgiveness. On live TV, Shira appeals to the unnamed woman she hurt to come down to the studio and accept her apology for the unnamed hurt she caused her (which we know is an apology for hiding her relationship with Teri, and then fleeing town). A straight couple is watching all of this from their living room, and the scene cuts between what’s happening on the show and their reaction. Teri comes down to the studio and onto the show, lectures Shira about the importance of being with someone you care about, and the two end up in a passionate embrace on live TV, which effectively outs Shira to all of Israel. (Then inexplicably, the two male hosts start kissing, but nevermind.)

You can watch the scene here, and I highly recommend you do — it’s very entertaining! It is in Hebrew, but you can follow along pretty easily if you’ve read the outline above. (You can also read a full transcript of this scene in our Hasufim forum thread.)


Special thanks to: Gaya

Show: Suomen huippumalli haussa 2 (The Search for Finland’s Top Model Cyle 2) — Finland, reality competition

What happened: continue on to the next page to find out!

— by Sarah Warn

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