Naomi and Alison rekindle their romance on the finale of “American Gothic”


Ok, I admit it. I assumed the worst last night. When I heard that Naomi was returning to American Gothic, I figured, they are going to find a way to kill her. Even at the episode’s halfway point, I was sure that the Psycho Lesbian trope was about to descend upon us, but after a little breadcrumb of hope from the show’s creator, I decided to slow my roll. Good thing I did because what happened really surprised the hell out of me.


@DanaPiccoli there’s still another hour left…

So let’s start at the beginning. After Alison’s marriage falls officially apart, she’s trying to focus on her campaign for Mayor, her family’s connection to the Silver Bells Killer and the unfortunate reappearance of the killer’s accomplice. When she gets a call from Naomi, who tells her she’s in town for a wedding, Alison’s face cracks into a big smile. She admits that things kind of suck without Naomi around, but their conversation is cut short when a construction crew member shows Alison a mysterious box hidden in the wall they are working on.

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When Alison opens the box, she finds it full of silver bells. The same bells her mother swore she had gotten rid of. Seriously, does Alison have to do everything around here?

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Alison confronts her mother about killing reporter Jennifer Wyndam (and her husband’s mistress) and Mommy Madeline basically admits that everything she’s done has been to protect the family and help Alison become great. Whoo boy. Alison really needs someone without an bananapants agenda in her life. Could that be Naomi?

While Madeline heads off to get some advice from her attorney about maaaaaybe murdering someone, Alison rushes to find her siblings. However, Tess and Cam are busy trying to track down Cam’s son, who was sort of kidnapped by his mom Sophie. While alone at Cam’s place, Alison has a lightbulb moment which she keeps close to the vest, but calls Naomi to meet up. At the campaign office, when the two women see each other, it’s electric. It’s everything they can do not to run into each others’ arms. But first things first—Naomi is really the only person Alison can trust, so she asks her advice about what to do regarding her proximity to SBK and perhaps a bunch of other murderers. Naomi gives her a pep talk that is some serious foreplay, and reminds her why she wanted to be mayor in the first place. She tells her to grab that power. Damn all these windows! Let these two make out, already.

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Alison takes Naomi’s advice and tosses the box of bells into the harbor. Alison finds her mother burying her father’s ashes in the yard, and tells her the bells are gone. She also severs all ties to Madeline. While Cam is busy finding his son and basically telling his ex Sophie that she’ll never see him again and that she’s a “lost cause” (total dick move there, Cam. You’re not exactly Prince Charming of Good Decisionland), other brother Garrett is attempting to help the police figure out the identity of the dead SBK. They get a major lead, and link the killer to a man named John Martin. John lost his wife after a car accident and the two had a daughter named Dara. Garrett positively identifies John as the guy he buried in the backyard, and DNA evidence points to SBKs accomplice being a woman. Time to find Dara Martin!

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