Will “Mary + Jane” become the new “Faking It”?


Last night MTV debuted its new female duo-driven series Mary + Jane. The show follows Paige (Jessica Rothe) and Jordan (Scout Durwood), best friends turned business partners who run a marijuana delivery service in Los Angeles. 


Jordan and Paige are working hard to be the most successful weed delivery service in the city, and they can personally recommend their products.

“It’s so smart,” said Scout, an out stand-up and actress who you may remember from Oxygen’s Funny Girls. “Even with police officers—women in positions of power are statistically less corrupt than men. … Hating on weed right now feels so fuddy-duddy. Honestly, what we’re doing is mostly legal.”

Before you go there, both actresses find comparisons to Broad City lazy, especially because they generally come from people who haven’t yet watched their show. 

“First of all, I don’t think there’s room for just one female-driven comedy on TV,” Scout said, “and I think that comparison, to me, just points out how rare it is to have a buddy comedy. It’s just a different show. The characters are different. Beyond that, our show is dramatic.”

“We’re like Broad City meets Breaking Bad,” Jessica said. “That show is about a man who becomes a drug dealer to fix aspects of his life and learns things about himself in so doing. Our show is about two women starting a business that happens to be a drug business to make ends meet and to move forward in the world and learning about themselves as they do it. As silly as it sounds to compare those two things, I think it’s more than a stoner comedy because it’s not like we’re sitting on couches and eating lot’s of Doritos and we go on zany adventures but only when we’re stoned. We’re proactive in the world around us, and it’s because we want the moon.”

“Everybody’s a little bit lost,” Scout added. “I don’t think television needs to sit in that pool and dwell. We have a goal; we have a target, and we shoot for it.”

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