“Scream” recap (2.11): The Frame Game


How many times did I say Noah should take a break from dating? How many? But nope, he didn’t listen to me, and now Zoe is dead. Zoe was weird and irrationally resentful of Audrey, but I still liked her and her lowkey sexual tension with Brooke. Let’s pour one out backstage at a beauty pageant for Zoe.

This week, there’s a shadowy figure creeping around St. Jamie Lee’s Home for Final Girls while Emma sleeps. The masked menace picks the lock and ascends the stairs into Emma’s room, but when Emma jolts awake, Ghostface is gone. Emma grabs a pair of scissors and heads downstairs. Let’s hope she’s not sleepwalking again. I like Maggie’s guts where they are, thanks. No one gets stabbed before the opening credits, but the front door is ajar, and hanging from the doorknob is Emma’s heart-shaped necklace.

When Kieran heads out in the middle of the night to be there for Emma in her moment of need, he sees Eli sitting at the kitchen table, practicing his creepy face.

scream 11.1A good creepy face is all in the eyebrows.

The cops find no sign of the killer at the Duvall College of Final Girl Studies, but at least Kieran is there to reassure Emma that as long as his hair looks amazing, everything will be all right. (If Audrey’s confession last week was the first step toward onscreen Emmaudrey, it’s still going to be a long time coming. The good old USS Kieremma is cruising along as steadily–if boringly–as ever.)

If breaking and entering is Brandon’s reply to Maggie’s note, it’s not the one she hoped for. She asks Miguel who besides Brandon might want to avenge Piper’s death, and he tells her that Lang and Piper grew up together.

Audrey is by Noah’s side in the hospital when the remaining Lakewood Three show up with balloons and coffee. Brooke is wearing an inappropriately short skirt for visiting a convalescent, presumably because she knew Audrey would be there. But Noah refuses to be cheered up.

scream 11.2 I’ve done my research. This is the face a human makes when his sexual partner dies.

He says he’s quitting horror. No more scary movies, no more murder board, no more podcast–now that the carnage has hit home, it no longer seems entertaining. (Uh, where was this realization when Riley bit the dust? I guess Noah sees the wisdom in the old saying: Kill my girlfriend once, shame on you; kill my girlfriend twice, shame on me.) He asks the gang to go over to his house and take down the murder board so he won’t have to look at it again.

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