“Wentworth” star Kate Jenkinson on Ballie and Season 5



Kate Jenkinson rapped her way into our hearts as Allie Novak on season four of Wentworth, where she quickly became one-half of the most beloved queer couple in recent memory. While the finale left many fans devastated, Kate sat down via Skype (yes, I eat your jealousy for breakfast) to discuss Ballie, and why we should stay tuned for Season 5.

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AfterEllen.com: So are you already shooting Season 5 of Wentworth?

Kate Jenkinson: It’s all kicking into gear. We’ve been giving this strange MO that we’re not allowed to talk about Season 5, but I feel like people know it’s happening, so I will say that.


AE: Yeah, everyone knows it got renewed, and that filming is about to start. It must be hard not to talk about right now. I’m sure you’re being barraged by a lot of press and fan reaction to the finale of season four.

KJ: Yeah, not so much press as very enthusiastic fans.


AE: Well, you’re not on Twitter, or it would be a thousand times more intense.

KJ: Yeah, I was on Twitter maybe three years ago. I was working on a show in the States, and they strongly suggested that it would be in my best interest to get a Twitter account. So I did, and it was fun for the duration of the show, but I realized that it was quite scary being that exposed to the public. But I’m really enjoying Instagram! I’m new to Instagram—I’ve only been on it about three weeks—but I like that there’s an artistic element to it, which I appreciate.


AE: You clearly already have a very strong following of people who are loving your every move.

KJ: I wish I could take full responsibility, but it’s entirely the show’s popularity that I can thank for that.


AE: So, what is this intense reaction—a lot of anger, a lot of grief, there’s been a lot of strong feelings about Ballie all season—what does that feel like for you?

KJ: I completely understand it, because I lived it myself. I didn’t see it coming when we were shooting season four last year. I certainly didn’t see it coming, and I don’t think anybody did. I think my reaction was very similar to that of the fans when I first found out. I was completely blindsided, and I thought, “Okay, how does this work? How does a show continue without the central character?”


AE: That’s what we’re all asking.

KJ: Yeah, and on a selfish note, it means I don’t get to work with Dan anymore, and that’s devastating. And who is Allie if not the love of Bea’s life? So there were so many questions, but the more I thought about it and the more I spoke to Danielle about it—who is incredibly philosophical and understood the long game a lot better than I did—I began to change my opinion about whether it was a good idea or not.  And I think while it’s still devastating and I’m certainly always going to miss Dan’s presence on set, I feel like it’s a very very bold move for any show to make.

But especially for Wentworth, I feel like it’s quite fitting because the world is not safe. The Wentworth world is not safe. No one is safe, even if you’re Top Dog. Even if you’re the central character. So I think it’s a really brave choice for the producers to have made. And we’ll see! We’ll see what the outcome of that is. But personally, I like watching television that takes risks, and I feel like that’s what we’ve done here.

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