“Scream” recap (2.9): Shaw, Shank, Redemption


Well, we’ve known this was coming for weeks. Audrey’s been hiding the truth from Emma, and just like Brooke said, the longer you lie, the more it spirals out of control. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Brooke is fucking wise, people. Just because she’s hot and sexually empowered, people think she can’t have hidden depths? NO. Listen to Brooke or rue the day you didn’t. Now, of course, Emma is way angrier than she would have been if Audrey had come clean to begin with.

Emma has a nightmare where her friends are following her around her house saying “We need to talk,” and she retaliates by stabbing them all. I feel like this is going to break some shippers’ hearts, because that is not how a girl harboring secret Sapphic tendencies responds to a request for processing.


She wakes up to the realization that she was sleepwalking and brandishing a knife at Maggie. Kieran suggests they blow off school and have very gentle sex so as not to rip his stitches and/or mess up his hair, but Emma needs to face Audrey. Meanwhile, Our Lady of Perpetually Awesome Statement Outerwear is moping to a slideshow of her and Emma’s pictures together.

Sheriff Gustavo’s Dad finds his son’s room empty, because he’s still creepily snuggling with Brooke.

scream 9.2Can you snuggle creepily?

scream 9.3You can if you believe in yourself.

She wonders if everyone in Lakewood hates her after her drunken meltdown at the pageant, and Gustavo reassures her that he doesn’t, hangover-morning-breath-makeout-style. Brooke demurs, because she’s not over Jake. Makes sense, given that this whole season has only been like a week in Lakewood time. Brooke hops in the shower, telling Gustavo to hit the bricks, but instead he stays and snoops through her cosmetics, pocketing a lipstick on his way out.

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