“Pretty Little Liars” recap (7.20): So long, anonymous white guys!


Episode 7.2 begins right where last week left off, with Hanna getting a ride home from Mary Drake. Mary offers to take Hanna to the police or the hospital (or the pants store), but Hanna just wants to go to Spencer’s. Mary can see Hanna’s trepidation at her story, and tells her that the DiLaurentis family kept her existence a secret. Jesus H. Christ, are there any secrets this family didn’t keep?

unspecifiedI spy with my little eye, something beginning with SECRET

Once she is dropped off, the Liars offer to take Hanna to the hospital, but she isn’t in the mood, She is angry and twitchy, and Spencer and Emily later realize she’s suffering from Dollhouse-related PTSD. Hanna (correctly) assumes that Mary Drake has something to do with A.D. She spent time in Radley; she’s Charlotte’s bio-mom; she’s a brunette: all signs point to her. Caleb returns Hanna’s engagement ring, and from Spencer’s viewpoint, he might as well be proposing. Oh yeah, does Hanna want to call her fiancée after her mini-kidnapping? Nope, apparently not. The doorbell rings, and it’s a huge bouquet of white flowers from A.D. thanking them for handing over Alison.

Hanna goes back to Lucas’s bachelor pad, where a hefty contract is waiting for her. Hanna isn’t in the headspace to discuss contracts, and would rather bow out of the deal entirely, but Caleb tells her that she has what it takes to pursue her own line. She would also rather not deal with her kiss with Caleb, which she chalks up to a temporary moment of nostalgia. Sorry, Haleb fans. Meanwhile, Spencer cries outside in the hallway.

Later that night, Caleb tries to convince Spencer to go to bed, but she would rather stay up. He kisses her on the top of her head, which we all know is code for “I no longer want to be inside you.” Spencer continues to cry.

unspecified-1The kiss of relationship death

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