“Scream” recap (2.5): And Then There Was Gun


This week in Lakewood, Jethan’s body has finally been discovered, and the high school is on lockdown. Sheriff Stavo’s Dad is running the show, rounding up all the kids except for the female members of the Artists Formerly Known as the Lakewood Six, who are on their way to comfort Brooke. She’s covered in evidence (hasn’t Jackary been dead for, like, three weeks? How is he still bleeding?) and Maggie is trying to make her feel better while simultaneously taking her picture next to the gooey corpse of her ex-boyfriend. Shockingly, the “feel better” part is not going so great.

scream 5.1Why didn’t I peg him when I had the chance?

But Emma doesn’t even get a chance to talk to Brooke before she’s the sheriff for questioning. He wants to chat with all of Jegory’s friends, but since the dude was completely intolerable, has settled for interrogating his acquaintances instead. He starts with Noah, who says that discovering gore-soaked bodies has become routine, but then remembers he’s supposed to be impersonating a human teenager with emotions.

scream 5.2I am definitely a person who is a mammal and not a lizard. I enjoy being sad when friends die and giving birth to live babies.

In the library waiting to answer questions, Kieran pulls Emma into the stacks for a quickie and/or meltdown. Meanwhile, Audrey stands watch while Brooke showers.

scream 5.3This was not on my top 10 list of scenarios involving me, Brooke, and a shower.

Audrey manages to lead Brooke to the suspicion that the person she’s been texting with this whole time was not actually Jark, but his killer. As Brooke gets dressed in the only clean clothes available–a cheerleader uniform–Audrey texts Ghostface that he’s in big trouble. Note that Audrey only gets pissed off when her crush gets dragged into this mess. Stab all the bland white boys you want, but when you make Brooke cry, you’ve fucked with the wrong bicurious vigilante.

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