“Orange is the New Black” recap (4.4): Not All Men


What sets OITNB apart from so many shows is its unwavering focus on the plight of women. The hallways of Litchfield are crammed full of women, featuring possibly the most diverse female cast in television history. We’ve watched four seasons of stories about the women of Litchfield…but why do I get so angry when they do a guard-centered episode? Quite frankly, because I’m not here for that. If I wanted to watch the story of a frustrated white male anti-hero, I would watch LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE ON TELEVISION EVER. Also, it’s been firmly established that the men who work at Litchfield prison are at best grossly incompetent, and at worst rapists and murderers. I don’t care about their stories. I don’t need another tale of white male redemption. 

But here we are, nonetheless.


We open in SHU, where the inmates have devised a series of kites and strings used to pass messages and contraband. We finally see Sophia, who is looking haggard and beaten down from her time in solitary. When the guard brings her Nutriloaf, the repugnant prison brick meal, she demands to see Caputo. The guard ignores her pleas, so in true Sophia fashion she shoves the loaf down the toilet and floods her cell.

Frida and Alex discuss the Lolly situation, with Frida firmly in favor of murdering her with the white oleander. Alex goes to Red for help, as she is the only person Frida will listen to. Red agrees to mediate, but is pissed to be implicated in the murder. Plus, now her tomatoes are going to taste like death. But seeing Alex’s fragile state, she takes pity on her and comforts her.

or2Way to fuck up my borscht, Slim!

Aleida has a meeting with a prison official who tells her that she’s getting released early on good behavior. This is as shocking to Aleida as it is to me, because she’s not the first person I think of when I hear the words “good behavior.” Aleida must get ready for the outside world, but she’s not sure if she’ll be able to survive outside of Litchfield.

Judy King and Luschek play flip cup with coffee creamers and talk about their shared love of Wonder Woman. King tells him about William Moulton Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman, who was poly and very into bondage and kink, which is why WW was always tying folks up and wrestling them to the ground. Healy overhears them and immediately tries to insert himself into the conversation. Never mind that none of the new inmates have jobs, and therefore can’t afford basic hygiene items: Healy wants to sit with the cool kids. After getting rejected from their conversation, he overhears them calling him Dr. Psycho, the woman-hating supervillain of Wonder Woman.

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