“Wynonna Earp” recap (1.13): Bulletproof, nothing to lose


Previously on Wynonna Earp, Bobo inexplicably saved Willa, Waverly found the treehouse she was kept in so Willa started to get memories back, Bobo threw a party and poisoned the whole town, Wynonna kissed Dolls, and Bobo sent the poisoned townspeople after Wynonna for the antidote while he walked toward the line of the Ghost River Triangle with the heir and her gun. Also Nicole Haught flirted with Waverly, making her feel New Feelings and patiently waited until she realized she was in lesbians with the hot cop.  

We pick up where we left off, with Wynonna, Doc and Dolls in the middle of a zombie horde out for Wynonna’s head. Wynonna wants to find her sisters to make sure they made it out okay, so they throw her out the window and make their way through the masses to find the antidote.

Meanwhile, Willa and Bobo are being gross at the border to the Ghost River Triangle. They walk through the archway together and things get grosser as Bobo starts to sizzle like bacon. They dive back over the line and realize the gun in Willa’s bag they thought was Peacemaker isn’t Peacemaker at all.

And guess who has it.

Wynonna Earp 113-1“I literally have no guesses, I’m the smartest person in this town, I cannot be fooled!”

Waverly. But Waverly doesn’t get to enjoy her success for long because as soon as she checks that Peacemaker is still safe in her bag, she gets chloroformed and kidnapped.

Meanwhile, at the border, Willa is pissed. She doesn’t understand how this could happen to her; she suckered Wynonna into trusting her and, it’s not like it could be Waverly. Bobo doesn’t underestimate her sister the way she does, though, and knows it could very well be either one of them, so he sends her back to her sisters to find Peacemaker.  

Doc and Dolls go back to the police station to try to make a plan to get the antidote from the basement of Shorty’s when they hear someone coming. They scramble to get their weapons ready and Doc finds Dolls’ drug gun. Dolls promises it’s medicine, not narcotics, and Doc has no way of knowing this isn’t how all the heroin addicts are shooting up these days. (Hell, *I* don’t even know that it’s not how heroin addicts are shooting up these days.) Just then, Officer Haught runs in, still in her eveningwear, and asks what she can do to help. Dolls barks at her that it’s classified, the way he’s been doing all season, but Doc rolls his eyes. He looks Haught in the eyes and lays it all out, the recap version of everything that’s been going on: The Revenants, the Earp heir, that he’s Doc Holliday, everything. As soon as he’s done, Haught is…relieved. She thanks him for telling her the damn truth, FINALLY, and is pretty stoked when he tosses her a gun. But puts on her Serious Face right away.

Wynonna Earp 113-2 “Why yes I have managed to look elegant, adorable, and badass all at the same time, thanks for noticing.”

She’s ready to fight—even more so now that she doesn’t feel like she’s taking stabs in the dark, so Dolls sends her to find the Earp girls and make sure Sheriff Nedley is still alive. Oh and he also welcomes her to the Black Badge Division, calling her Agent Haught, earning him—nay, earning us all—the biggest, brightest smile.


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