“Game of Thrones” and “Veep” wrap up their seasons with women on top


Last night was the season finale for Game of Thrones and Veep, with both shows leaving power in the hands of their respective female characters. Both finales were terrific episodes of television, and could serve as series finales, although luckily they will be returning next Spring.

Let’s kick things off with Veep, where Selina Meyer deals with the fact that her presidency is over and she must scramble to secure a position in government. Selina goes to Tom James, the presumptive winner and begs for a seat at the table, and he offers her the old veep spot. Selina tries to secure her legacy with the Tibet deal, and when it falls through, Amy suggests that Catherine and Marjorie could get married. This peaks Selina’s interest, but ultimately she decides that a lesbian wedding would include too much acoustic guitar. Neither Catherine or Marjorie are included in this conversation.


Meanwhile, Catherine has undergone a makeover on her publicity tour for the animal sanctuary and returns to the White House looking stylish, while Selina is haggard and hungover. In a delightful role reversal, Catherine tells her mother to do something with her hair. Also, the hard drive of her doc has gone missing.

Ultimately, due to some behind the scenes political wrangling, Senator Laura Montez is elected president. Tom and Selina are shut out of the recall election, and Selina is faced with life as a civilian for the first time in years. Everyone from her administration is canned, except for Sue, who continues on being perfect. Maybe Selina can get a job on Catherine and Marjorie’s animal sanctuary.

After years spent shoveling political shit, this might be a welcome break! It’s a rare downbeat ending for Veep, and I’m excited to see how the show rebuilds itself outside the political sphere.


The finale of Game of Thrones saw similar shake-ups of power and government. Like many predicted, Cersei uses the vast stores of Wildfire to bomb the Sept of Baelor, resulting in the deaths of almost every noble in King’s Landing, taking out the High Sparrow, Margery, Loras, and Mace Tyrell. Distraught over the death of his wife, Baby King Tommen jumps out of a window. Cersei takes the throne, becoming the first ruling queen of Westeros. This queen literally slays.


Continuing the trend of women in power, Sansa has taken back Winterfell for the Starks, with help from baby queen Lyanna Mormont, who should really get her own spin-off. Oleanna Tyrell joins forces with Ellaria and the Sand Snakes of Dorne to back Daenerys for the iron throne. And after six seasons, Daenerys is FINALLY crossing the seas and launching her siege of Westeros. The episode ends with Daenerys sailing off into the sunset, alongside her armies, the Greyjoys, and her dragons. Dany also breaks up with Daario, which leaves the door open for a certain rogueish lesbian pirate to win her heart!


Now that GOT is entering its final act, I’m beyond excited to see which queen will prevail and win the throne. Despite the hardships that the women of the series have been put through, the table has been set for a feminist revolution in Westeros. The only downside: we have to wait a year to see what happens next!

See you all next spring for the return of Veep and Game of Thrones, but catch my OITNB and PLL recaps in the meantime! Tweet me your finale feels @ChelseaProcrast

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