Marlene King on “sexy” Season 7 of “Pretty Little Liars”


“Well, we’re calling this a season of homecomings and reunions,” teased Pretty Little Liars creator Marlene King, who we talked to at a Pretty Little Liars event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Last week it was announced that Lindsey Shaw would be returning as Paige for Season 7, which premieres tonight on Freeform. Should we jump to the conclusion that she’ll be reuniting in every sense of the word with Emily (Shay Mitchell)? Marlene wouldn’t say, but did acknowledge some fans are clamoring for more of another potential coupling.

“I know the Emison fans are a very loud group, a very vocal group, very passionate and dedicated,” she said. “But as I say to everyone, a lot of twists and turns until we get to the last episode.”

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Outside of her love life, our favorite Rosewood lesbian may be busy with other things–like helping someone else in the show come out of the closet.

“There’s another character on the show that’s struggling with their sexuality and we’re going to explore that this season,” Marlene said.

No word yet on if this mystery character is someone we already know. But will we see Emily become a guiding force for whomever it is?

“It’s safe to say that, yeah,” Marlene said with a smile.

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In fact, while early seasons focused on Emily’s coming out, King shared that while Emily has never been defined by her sexuality, that doesn’t mean we don’t still need coming out stories, especially given the recent tragedy in Orlando.

“I think in light of what we just saw in Orlando and some of the hate that’s come from the extreme Christian right, we see that there’s still so much work to be done,” Marlene said. “I think if you’re living in some town America and not this wonderful bubble we have out here, it’s still very hard for many people to come out so I think we have to give people constantly support and reminders that we’re just humans–until there’s no more hate, then we have to keep telling those coming out stories.”

With last season’s time jump where the Liars were no longer high school teens, King did say that the approach to the characters and storylines has shifted a bit for the writers.

“I think it’s definitely changed. They make bigger, grown-up mistakes and the mistakes seem to have more stakes to them because the girls are grown-ups now,” Marlene said. “Also, their relationships are more mature, deeper and more sexy, I’ll say.”


The out show creator added with a smile, “We’ll get some sexy time in there.”

Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday at 8pm on Freeform.

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