“Wynonna Earp” recap (1.12): “I know, baby.”


Previously on Wynonna Earp, Willa was revealed to be not dead but brainwashed and returned to her sisters and started to get her memories back, Waverly was generally wary of her oldest sister, the homestead got attacked, and Waverly got grazed by a bullet which prompted her to ask if chicks dig scars, and Bobo inexplicably saved Willa’s life.

After Wynonna and Willa interrogate Whiskey Jim and finding out that the Revenants felt a surge when Willa turned 27, and needing more information, Dolls tries to hypnotize Willa, even though she’s kind of hostile about it. She remembers flashes, of origami swans, of being taken, of Wynonna shooting their dad. Willa cries and Wynonna looks like she wants something to punch but unable to hit memories, she instead says she’s glad the first Revenant she killed was the one who physically took Willa. Everyone having had enough for one day, Dolls says he’ll have Officer Haught drive her home.

Officer Haught goes above and beyond her call of duty and goes inside the Earp homestead to dress Waverly’s bullet wound (because chicks dig scars) and Willa storms in and scolds her for doing it wrong and using POISON (aka medicine) and says that for the past two days, Willa has been redressing Waverly’s wound after Nicole left. Which obviously Waverly hadn’t mentioned.

Wynonna Earp 112-1Can you blame her, though??

Willa continues to be hostile so Waverly tells her to “pop out” which makes Nicole smirk and repeat that she’ll “pop out” like they’re talking in the cutest secret code ever. Once she’s gone, Willa apologizes if she’s being rude, because she’s still adjusting to human interaction, and Waverly says she’ll be here for her while she figures it all out.

Wynonna and Dolls are still trying to figure out who tried to kill him, and Wynonna suggests that it’s Doc, but Dolls knows that’s not Doc’s style. They have a tattoo clue, and they work together to figure out that it’s a group called the Machetes, and are pretty proud of their teamwork.

Wynonna Earp 112-2And overall attractiveness.

At Shorty’s Bobo is psychologically torturing the judge he has under his thumb and telling a twitchy guy in a gas mask who is making a woman tear her own face off to dial it back 5% for their plan to be perfect. And let me tell you that 5% less than tearing your own face off is still not a place I’d like to be, so he’s obviously up to no good.

Back at the Homestead, we find out that “pop out” meant “meet me in the barn” because Waverly and Nicole are sitting in there now. Waverly says, “I’m exhausted,” in a very defeated voice, so Nicole comes to her side and says, “I know, baby,” kissing her on the neck and running her hands through her hair.

Wynonna Earp 112-3#hairporn

Then Waverly turns to her girlfriend, and they kiss, and it’s the Most Beautiful Kiss.

Wynonna Earp 112-4Once upon a time, a Brave Little Toaster and an Actual Unicorn fell in love…

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