“Orphan Black” recap (4.10): She Keeps Me Warm


Previously on Orphan Black, Cosima flew to the Island of Dr. Moreau to work with Susan Duncan to find a cure for the Leda disease, Alison wanted to run away with Donnie far away from the Clone Club drama, Rachel started having visions in her Neolution-made eyeball, Evie insulted Rachel and got taken down by force, and Krystal saw Delphine get shot but taken away very much alive. Also we got to see her face and her smirk and we know it for a fact: SHE’S ALIVE.

We open with a flashback of the terrible night we all remember too well, when Delphine and her Straight Hair of Badassery gets out of her car and hears footsteps. But this time, we see that Krystal was nearby, hiding behind some parked cars, watching as Delphine set down her bag and turned around, listening as she asked, “What will happen to her?” And so now we finally know who shot the bisexual French scientist puppy: Duko. So while it would have been fun to watch Cosima set up a contraption using pieces of the board game Mouse Trap to kill him, at least he’s already gotten the full Mrs. S treatment.

Duko shoots Delphine without answering her question, and steps forward to her again to finish the job, when Krystal’s phone goes off, her “I’m a warrior” ringtone echoing off the parking garage walls. Duko starts to move toward the sound but hears car tires screeching so he makes himself scarce. Krystal runs to Delphine’s side, but before she can call 911, Evie’s doctor dude shows up and tells Krystal she shouldn’t be there before tending to Delphine.

Orphan Black 410-1The world turned upside down.

Delphine flickers in and out of consciousness as her wounds are tended to, hearing helicopter noises, and eventually seeing the man Rachel keeps seeing through her eye.

Present day, on the island, Cosima calls Susan in, all excited: The sequences are stable. They found the cure. Cosima hugs Susan, and Susan doesn’t know what to do with it; it’s not like Rachel has hugged her since she came back from the dead. But here’s a girl with her daughter’s face hugging her. So she steps out and lets Cosima finish up the science and call her sestra to tell her the good news.

Sarah is beyond excited for Cosima, she hugs Mrs. S, Kira senses all the joy and runs in smiling Cosima is finally full-face smiling. It’s really a joyous moment.


I think it’s interesting here that Sarah says, “You’re going to get well?” and Cosima says they can save all the sestras. Sarah really loves Cosima, and even though she loves her other sestras too, and even though you’re not supposed to have favorites, I think she feels a special kinship to Cosima.

Or maybe I’m projecting.

Anyway, the two of them are exchanging “I miss you”s when Cosima realize she’s locked out of the computer she was using. Just then, her connection to Sarah cuts out, and the rebel clone is PISSED. They’re worried they’re being cut off on purpose and they’re not pleased about it one bit.

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