“Orphan Black” recap (4.09): Lost and Found


Previously on Orphan Black, Evie had it out for the Leda clones, Adele met Sarah and Alison and had never seen twins look so twinly before, Evie kicked off a new generation of maggotbot, Rachel was seeing visions of swans in her new eye, and Cosima switched places with Rachel so she could do science with Susan while Rachel schemed with Sarah.

Rachel is still seeing things, but it’s more than just a misplaced swan or a disembodied head now. Now she can see a camp of sorts, with people beckoning for her to follow them. It’s starting to become clear that what she’s seeing isn’t just a hacked camera feed; she seems to be seeing things through someone else’s eyes. (Or, more specifically probably, eye.)

Ira finds her lying on the bed fully clothes looking like she’s having a stroke and takes her to watch a video of Evie instead. She’s talking about her hometown and how everyone should be thanking her because she put Bright Born there to save Tisdale’s economy. Rachel is kind of impressed by her fellow Slytherin.

Orphan Black 409-1And her familiar-looking boss-ass haircut.

Rachel can tell from Evie’s mention of a press conference that she has funding for her maggotbot project, but before she can explain what that means, there’s a knock at the door. And in come Felix and Sarah, looking more punk rock ho than they have since Season 1. It’s glorious.

Felix is salty they had to trade the sassy lesbian geekmonkey for the ProClone, but Rachel ignores him and tells Sarah about Evie’s maggotbots. She says that Evie will give them to people saying she’ll cure their illnesses, but she’ll be able to change the DNA of their children, an entire generation, without anyone’s permission. But Rachel knows firsthand that Evie’s villainy will be her downfall.

Ira shows them the evidence they have; two Bright Born carriers escaped, and they can be the key to taking Evie down. Rachel needs Sarah to find them since she is still not back to 100%, and Sarah relishes in knowing that she holds the cards for once in their twisted relationship.

Orphan Black 409-2 She’s so chuffed I cannot.

Sarah takes the file on the girls and struts out.

At Bright Born, one of Evie’s henchmen shows her a blackmail email they got including a video of the faceless baby dying. Evie’s quiet fury starts to brew, and she sends people after the women and expresses fleeting concern for Duko.

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