Married lesbian couple Katja and Julie join the cast of “My Giant Life”


TLC’s My Giant Life follows a group of women from different backgrounds who all share one major thing in common: they are all over six feet six inches tall. Now in its second season, the show has added a new queer cast member: Katja Bavendam, an out lesbian who stands at 6’8″. Originally from Germany and a very tall family, Katja is a newlywed and her wife, Julie McGuire, is a much shorter 5’2″.


The couple lives in NYC with their dogs, and after tying the knot (with the most perfect cake topper ever), they definitely want to start having babies. Not sure yet which one of them will carry the child, they nonetheless start off on a search for the perfect sperm donor.


Despite their foot and a half height difference, Katja and Julie are just a regular couple who are navigating the ups and downs of marriage and finding moments where their differences can be the glue that holds them together. In a sweet and funny, intimate moment, Katja holds Julie while she does ab crunches, and later Katja hides a snack from Julie that Julie doesn’t want easy access to.


As the season continues, we will see more of Katja and Julie’s relationship and journey to parenthood, including Julie’s concerns about losing their free and easy lifestyle when they have a child and the monetary stresses that come along with trying to get pregnant. The two seem to have a lot of affection for each other, so we’ll eagerly be watching as they take the next steps to becoming parents.

My Giant Life airs Tuesday at 10/9 Central on TLC.

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