Catherine and Marjorie go public on “Veep”


Last week, Veep revealed that Selina’s daughter Catherine was in love with Marjorie the secret service agent, played by Clea DuVall. This week, Selina’s team must figure out how to handle it in the press. Selina’s relationship with Catherine doesn’t have a great track record; when Selina isn’t ignoring her daughter, she’s making snipes about her hair and attitude. Oh, and she pulled the plug on MeeMaw without telling her.

But Selina is like this with everyone: brash, self-serving, and viciously witty. Despite this, Selina met Catherine’s coming out with surprise and quick acceptance and continues in this episode to show a completely nonchalant attitude towards Catherine’s sexuality.

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Selina later asks the couple how they would like to “play the whole gay thing,” whether they’d prefer to be out like Ellen, or kind of a mystery like Jodie Foster. Catherine and Marjorie don’t want their relationship politicized, and prefer to keep things private, but that’s pretty difficult when your mother is the president.

That evening they attend the Congressional Ball, a black-tie event where Selina mingles with members of congress and tries to secure the votes she needs for the recall election. When she is cornered by an LGBT caucus member, she quickly pawns the woman off on Catherine and Marjorie, forcing them into a photo op before making her escape.


The episode ends with Selina securing the votes (and having hate sex with her veep Tom James). Over the credits, we see Mike discussing Catherine and Marjorie’s relationship in the press room. Next week’s episode looks like it’ll feature more of Catherine and Marjorie’s relationship, and if the GIFs below are any indication, it’s gonna be a good one.

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