“Orphan Black” recap (4.08): Superstar


Previously on Orphan Black, Alison wanted to do a musical review with Sarah Stubbs, Evie Cho took over Neolution and killed Kendall, all of Cosima and Scott’s research was destroyed, Sarah spiraled and almost killed herself by pulling a Beth, but Felix saved her, Cosima spiraled and almost implanted a bot that could kill her into herself but Felix saved her by telling her the last time Delphine was seen, she was alive, Mika contacted Kira through her laptop, and Donnie was arrested at a birthday party.

Donnie is in prison, looking even more useless than Piper on her first day in Litchfield. He sits alone at lunch, and when a man sits down to ask him what he’s in for, he brags about his drug business. This is what the man was hoping to hear and he switches places with a much larger, much scarier looking fella. The big man shows Donnie his Neolution tattoo and says he’s there to keep an eye on him, causing Donnie to gulp like the giant cartoon character he is.

On the island, Rachel tells Ira about the swan glitch in her new robot eye, but he seems unconcerned. Rachel also says that Susan gave up too easily and says that maybe they should work together, maybe her sestras were on to something with this whole sibling bond thing. (While they’re talking about this sibling bond, the music does that wobbly thing again, just FYI.) Ira points out that Rachel stood without her crutches and spoke without her aphasia. Channeling her inner ProClone is doing wonders for her therapy.

Orphan Black 408-1Bitch can walk! Bitch can talk! Bitch can seeee (things that aren’t there)!

Meanwhile, down the Rabbit Hole, Cosima brings Sarah some tea to help with her epic, two-day hangover. Which probably only has a lot to do with the excess of drugs and alcohol, but also a little to do with the emotional stuff she was dealing with.

Orphan Black 408-2At this point the FX team is just showing off.

Sarah promises Cosima that if Delphine’s alive, they’ll find her, and Cosima congratulates them both on making it back from the brink.

Mika calls and Kira gives Sarah her computer. Mika is afraid to meet Cosima at first, but eventually decides to keep her mask off in front of her new sestra. She asks Cosima about the illness, and Cosima tells her the not-so-great news about where they’re at so far.

Orphan Black 408-3“I mean, are you surprised, given the state of queer women on television right now??”

Mika shows them the video of the call between Evie and Susan, and they know that they’re in danger, and that they’ll need all the help they can get. Cosima asks Mika if she can patch her through to Susan, and Mika says she can as if Cosima just asked her if she knew how to play Candy Crush, not hack into a closed server a billion miles away.

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