Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (April 17, 2009)



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Show/Episode: College Hill: South Beach — BET, reality

What happened: The housemates — including bisexual music major Alyson — take a road trip to Key West, and confront one of the housemates about an eating disorder.

Show/Episode: Los Hombres de Paco — Spain, drama

What happened: After a stakeout goes wrong, wounded cop Curtis tells Pepa he loves her and Pepa says she does, too, thinking he is going to die. Later, Pepa goes to the hospital to visit Curtis, who is in a coma. Silvia goes there too, tries to cheer her up, and makes her laugh. Pepa falls asleep, and Silvia caresses her face while she watches her sleep. Pepa wakes up and goes after Silvia, and they kiss. But then Curtis wakes up suddenly from the coma,and now thinks Pepa is in love with him.

Special thanks to: Maria and Ines

Show/Episode: Home and Away — Australia, drama

What happened: Charlie finally decides to stop fighting her feelings for Joey, they spend the night together (this is implied rather than shown), and the next morning we see them kissing goodbye in the car. Charlie’s sister Ruby oversees them and flips out, confronting Charlie and insisting to Charlie (and then to her friend at school) that Charlie’s not gay. Charlie tries to talk to her, but it takes several conversations before Ruby finally agrees to accept her relationship with Joey, even if she still doesn’t quite believe it’s real.

What else you need to know: for a show that faced so much controversy over it first lesbian kiss only a few weeks ago, there sure have been a lot of scenes of Charlie and Joey kissing! Also: there’s a new Charlie/Joey fan forum.

Show/Episode: La Vie est à Nous — France, drama

What happened: This series about a group of friends who live together includes openly gay Kelly (below, left), who is in love with her straight friend/roommate/co-worker Marion (below, right).

This week, their jealous boss Jerome tried to break up Marion and Kelly by getting a headhunter to offer Kelly a fake job in Tokyo, but Marion figures out his scheme just as Kelly’s on her way to the airport and stops her.

What else you need to know: read detailed English recaps of the show at

Special thanks to: Maude

Show/Episode: Guiding Light — CBS, drama

What happened: Olivia finally tells Natalia she’s in love with her, but Natalia still plans to marry Frank (helped by Olivia’s urging her to do that). Closeted lesbian mayor Doris ends up officiating the wedding, and does everything possible to drag it out long enough to get Olivia to stop it (including hilariously pretending to receive a cell phone call during the ceremony). But Olivia privately tells Doris that she’s not going to stop the marriage, because Frank can give Natalia a “normal” life. But Natalia ultimately can’t go through with the marriage, and runs out of the chapel leaving a stunned Frank at the altar. Olivia rushes after her to try and convince her to marry Frank, but Natalia finally admits she can’t because she’s in love with Olivia.

Show/Episode: Hospital Central — Spain, drama

What happened: Maca and Esther have a cute phone conversation in the hospital [the actress who plays Maca is off shooting a movie, so she is only minimally appearing on the show right now], and later Esther receives flowers from Bea (an old flame) and gives them away.

Just because it’s such a cute photo: Here’s a screencap of Maca and Esther last week interrupted in the middle of making out in a private room ( they were trying to keep their relationship a secret).

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Show: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) — Germany, drama

What happened: Stella overhears Charlie telling Carla that she does remember the kiss and that she fears that Stella might have feelings for her. Carla keeps Stella’s secret and tells Charlie to sort out the matter by herself. Stella tries to get Charlie to talk to her, but Charlie keeps her distance. Eventually Charlie decides that you can’t help how you feel and resumes her relationship with Stella as if nothing had happened.

Special thanks to: Anneliese

Show/Episode: The Amazing Race 14 — CBS, reality

What happened: Out lesbian Kisha and her sister Jen make it through various challenges in Thailand and arrive in third place, only to be forced to go back and get the travel documents they’d left behind before they’re allowed to check out. Because of this delay, they come in fourth (there are only five teams remaining).

That wraps up this week’s rundown of lesbian/bi women on TV — international readers, please email me at short rundowns of the lesbian/bi storylines on your favorite shows on Thursdays. Thanks!

— by Sarah Warn

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