Bex Taylor-Klaus on Season 2 of “Scream” and the Lesbian Death Trope


For the last 11 months, I’ve been on a crusade to get everyone I know to watch Scream, MTV’s television adaptation of the beloved Wes Craven horror-comedy franchise. My pitch goes like this: “It has gore! And a queer girl!” While it’s definitely heavier on the teen soap opera plot points and lighter on the humor than its big-screen predecessor, Scream’s first season still delivered plenty of entertainment and a few good scares.

Most importantly, though, it gave the viewing audience a beautiful leather-clad gift in Bex Taylor-Klaus’s Audrey, a teenager who tries to survive the murder spree terrorizing her town while also exploring her newfound attraction to girls. (This is Bex’s second long-running LGBT role, after her breakout turn as lesbian runaway Bullet on The Killing.) Last season, Audrey went through a lot: she was outed against her will after a video of her kissing her girlfriend went viral, only to lose said girlfriend to the masked murderer. (To clarify, I mean that the killer hanged Rachel, not that they started dating.) After true-crime podcaster Piper was revealed as the killer and defeated, the audience found out that Audrey has been keeping more than one secret; she has a stash of letters from Piper that she never showed anyone, though the exact nature of their connection remains unclear.

SCREAM_EP201_0407images via MTV

In preparation for the upcoming season of Scream, premiering May 30th, I talked to Bex Taylor-Klaus about Audrey’s secrets and queer women on television.

AfterEllen: What are you most excited about in Season 2 of Scream?

Bex Taylor-Klaus: I’m definitely most excited for the gore! We’re upping the stakes, the killer’s changing tactics, so it’s going to be really intense.


AE: Does that mean there will be another death scene as hardcore as Will being cut in half?

BTK: I gotta say, the bifurcation was a really amazing death. That was my favorite, but there may or may not be another one!


AE: How has Audrey grown as a character since Season 1? Will we find out more about the secrets she’s keeping?

BTK: Well, in Season 1 we discover that she’s probably not innocent, so this season she’s gonna have to do some explaining. She went through some trauma, and whatever part she played in that, it definitely hit her. You could almost say she got away scot-free, except that she lost the first girl she ever loved. That’s going to cause some issues for her in terms of flirting in the future. Other than that, she feels like she’s in the clear until she starts getting messages. Someone knows her secret and is going to see how far she’ll take it to keep people from finding out.

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