“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.13): (Stop, thief!) Vandal! (Outrage!) Scandal?


Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Kendra started remembering her past lives little by little and is starting to feel like she’s cheating on Carter with Ray, the Pilgrim chased them through time and they’re running out of episodes…,er time so now they have to go to 2166 to stop Savage at the height of everything.

The Waverunner experiences some turbulence as they land in hostile territory in 2166. Because the thing is, everything is hostile territory now. They’re landing three days before Rip’s family dies, but they have no time to waste, because Vandal Savage will be out in the open tonight. Rory knows who Rip will want: Killer, Klepto, Pyro. Which is a pretty badass band name. So Sara, Snart, Rory and Rip go to a Savage rally which I imagine is what Nazi gatherings also looked like. A woman with Savage makes them, but they follow Savage & Co anyway. Kendra recognizes the bracelet on her wrist as she walks away from her first death as Chay-ara.

Legends of Tomorrow 113-1Meanwhile, I can’t even remember what I had for lunch yesterday.

Rory knocks Rip voer to start a kerfuffle, and Sara ends up going toe to toe with Savage’s girl. Kendra radios for to take the bracelet, and Sara is annoyed but keeps fighting anyway. Snart ends up face-to-gun with her but doesn’t shoot her, earning him a sly smirk.

Legends of Tomorrow 113-2I like her. She can stay.

Rip is mad that they caused such a ruckus until Kendra tells him about the bracelet. Rip is like okay great something to kill Savage with, but Sara points out that even she, fierce warrior, tends to need a weapon to kill someone, not a bangle. Rip heads out with some of the boys to meet up with the resistance and he tells Sara to prep Kendra, but she’s not exactly sure what that will entail, especially because they don’t even HAVE the bracelet yet.

Legends of Tomorrow 113-3“I can think of other ways we can occupy our time…”

When the boys get outside, they’re surrounded by a woman and their crew, and eventually convince her that they’re allies…probably one of the few people on earth left. Jax and Stein feel sympathetic toward the dirty rebels milling about and promises them they’ll be back to help.

Rip explains that he has tried to save his wife and son a bunch of time, but they always end up dying, and he’s starting to think that time wants this to happen. SOMETHING I THINK WE WOULD HAVE ALL BENEFITED FROM KNOWING 13 EPISODES AGO.

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