“The 100” recap (3.13): Two if by Sea


Previously on The 100, Pike shot Lincoln, Kane went with the trikru who were taking Pike to Polis as a prisoner, Jaha sent pretty much everyone to the City of Light, and Clarke and Company set off on a mission to find Luna, the last naitblida that isn’t Ontari.

Vicious-looking trikru warriors lead Pike and Kane through Polis, where the walls are lined with crucified prisoners, and the streets are red with blood. Pike scoffs; this is how he expected the Grounders to live. But Kane is horrified; this isn’t the Polis he knew, these aren’t the trikru he made an alliance with.

They run into Jaha, looking smug as ever. Heda gives City of Light chips to the newly arrived warriors, and they take it without question. Jaha calls this unity. Pike attacks Ontari but his own people, skaikru from Farm Station, take him down. Pike refuses the chip, so they take him away. Kane refuses his too, but Abby tells them to bring him somewhere special for her to deal with. Alie is pleased.

The 100 313-1Of course she ships Kabby.

In a flashback to a time in the skai before the pilot, Jaha tells Pike that the kids in the skybox will need a crash course in Earth Skills because they’re about to be sent to the ground in two weeks. Pike is sure that’s not enough time to teach them how to survive on a potentially unsurvivable terrain, especially since these are the kids least likely to be engaged in class. (Unlike Clarke, top of her class always.) To make it harder still, Pike won’t be allowed to tell them why they’re suddenly getting these lessons.

The kids filed in, a little confused but mostly apathetic, and they all know automatically that they’re meant to sit in the chairs laid out for them, plus they all know each other. But poor floorbaby Octavia doesn’t even know these understood rules of the classroom, never having been in one, so she fumbles her way to the only empty seat in the front, all alone.

The 100 313-2She’s a FLOORBABY, not a chairbaby someone help her jeebus.

Which is funny, because now, all she knows is how to survive.

Octavia is so, so sure Luna will help them when they find her, and when the rover hits a dead end she gets out and starts running on foot, the rest of the team following close behind. They hear water and know they’re getting closer, but when they get to the place marked on Lincoln’s map where they thought they would find a village, all they see is a bunch of rock piles. And since Pike never taught them about cairns in Earth Skills, Octavia feels so defeated that she roars at the skai.

The 100 313-3And the skai cries.

Heck, even Clarke doesn’t know what to do, or where to even go from here.

The 100 313-4You should go comfort Octavia is where you should go.

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