“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.21): Don’t Make Me Choose


It’s hard to believe that after so much drama and strife that Callie and Arizona have become a healthy, functioning co-parenting dynamo. Well, were a healthy, functioning co-parenting dynamo. This episode feels all too real as we watch the couple once known as Calzona, have to ask their friends to choose sides in a custody battle that feels unnecessary and painful. With recent talk that Sara Ramirez may not be returning for the show’s 13th season, the stakes feel even higher. What’s a bunch of GreysGays to do?

Choose a side

Oh, joy! Meredith, Maggie and the poor kids got an eyeful when they stumbled upon a very naked Owen sleeping with Amelia on the couch. Come on people; that’s communal space! Roomies 101. At least it gives Meredith a reason to fuck with Owen for the rest of the episode. Amelia insists that it was a one-time dealio, but we allllll know better.

I can’t imagine what I’d do if my former couple friends asked me to choose a side in court against the other, but that’s exactly what’s happening this week on Grey’s. With Penny by her side, Callie talks about getting Meredith to choose her side in the custody battle. She thinks if Mer goes there, others will follow. She’s also worried that she’ll lose all her friends in this. Arizona is much more hesitant to do the asking, but Richard encourages her to open up. He also hints that he’d be on her side, but she doesn’t even bother to ask him.


While Meredith teases Owen about his little soldier, an ambulance rolls up with an elderly man who sustained a fall and his doorman. The doorman is very concerned about the man, and my gaydar started blaring like the sirens in Silent Hill.


April and Jackson meet up with Arizona for their next ultrasound, and she was even about to ask them to stand by her in the custody battle until Penny walks in and announces she’s on Arizona’s service. Not wanting to give anything away to the other side, she zips it. At first, it’s all smiles and healthy baby stuff, but then Arizona discovers something troubling on the scan with the baby’s brain.


The elderly man who fell has broken one of his vertebra, Leo, has to have surgery, and when his wife arrives at the hospital, it becomes clear that this is a complicated situation. Meredith calls in Callie to see if she can pitch in, and Callie agrees. She tries to ask Meredith about the custody case, but they are interrupted by Owen and Owen’s penis. Mer is just having way too much fun with this.

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