“Arrow” recap (4.19): Bye Bye Blackbird


Previously on Arrow, Laurel got shoved in the refrigerator her sister was once in. Murdered by Darhk to get back at her father for betraying him and his HIVE.  

We open at a funeral, where Oliver Queen is called to say a few words. But then Laurel stands up, so it’s (probably) not her funeral. No, definitely not her funeral. It’s 2013, and it’s Tommy’s funeral. She talks about how much she loved Tommy, and how Oliver did too, and would say so if he wasn’t too busy sulking in the shadows.

In real time, we’re at the hospital, right where we left off. Lance is in shock, barely processing Oliver’s words. He stumbles into the room and looks over his daughter’s body, another daughter’s body.

Oliver and Diggle go back to the Arrow cave, and Arrow looks sadly upon the mannequin where Laurel’s Black Canary suit is supposed to be, and Diggle whines about this being all this fault. (Because it is.)

Oliver calls for Team Arrow to assemble, and they come, including Felicity.

Thea’s worried it’s too soon to go after Darhk, but she’s interrupted by Quentin Lance, who flies in waving a paper around. There was a reported Black Canary sighting last night when a blonde woman clad in leather Canary Cried her way into some guns.

ARROW 419-1Welcome back, Overwatch.

Oliver says that the sonic device was missing from Laurel’s personal effects from the hospital, and Lance is convinced it’s Laurel, that she’s not really dead. He makes a good point by saying that crazier things have happened, but Oliver is unconvinced. So he takes Lance to the hospital morgue, where they find Laurel, still very dead.

Oliver talks to the doctor, and she promises to be discreet about the fact that he carried in the Black Canary, but she performed surgery on Laurel Lance. He asks her to help him figure out who might have taken something out of Laurel’s things, and the doc says there’s a young girl who comes into the hospital a lot, but she can’t give him her name.

Flashback again, this time to Oliver going to Laurel’s apartment after Tommy’s funeral.

ARROW 419-2so much better than our usual flashbacks

They talk about Tommy, and they cry. Oliver feels like he failed his friend, Laurel tells him not to blame himself. So basically it’s exactly the same as 90% of their conversations.

Present-day Felicity tries to give Diggle the download about the lead from the hospital, but he’s not paying attention. It’s hard to hear a woman’s voice when your head is shoved in a bucket of manpain. He tells her about Andy working for Darhk and him not taking Oliver’s advice and why he blames himself. Felicity just says that she wasn’t there, so she doesn’t know what to say.

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