“Call The Midwife” recap (5.4): I Think We’re Alone Now


Over the past few weeks, Call the Midwife fans have reached out to me on Twitter to let me know that the PBS airings of the series have cut several Patsy and Delia scenes that were part of the original BBC broadcast. Luckily, I was able to get access to the original, uncut episodes, and will be recapping those as opposed to the PBS ones (many thanks to @LittleMsShipper for the tip!). I reached out to the PR department at PBS to figure out why we were losing all of our Pupcake scenes. Here’s what they had to say:

“Many of the British dramas that PBS airs were broadcast in the U.K. with commercials and in a timeframe that differs from our 60-minute, no-commercial-interruption format. This means that episodes sometimes need to be shortened slightly. The edits you noted were made by the series’ producers with the goal of detracting as little as possible from plotlines and character arcs in the overall series.”

call1Oi Pats, let’s read the latest BeforeEllen column together!

So is the BBC cutting queer scenes from the show, or is this a case of PBS passing the blame across the pond? And is this in fact just de rigueur editing or an intentional slight to the queer storylines of the show? I understand that the episodes must be edited for time, and cutting the storylines of other characters can be tricky since they are all enmeshed with each other (i.e. the Barbara/Tom/Trixie love triangle) whereas Patsy and Delia are easily separated storylines. But come on, guys. Give us our measly one lesbo scene per episode! And to all you intrepid editors out there, I would love to see a Youtube video of all the deleted Pupcake scenes for the American fans. If you make it, I will feature it in a recap.

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