“Wynonna Earp” recap (1.04): Forgiveness. Can You Imagine?


Previously on Wynonna Earp, Waverly was bummed because she’s done all this research about Wyatt Earp and the Revenants but Wynonna is somehow the heir, Waverly found out their friend Henry was actually Doc Holliday, and then Doc told Wynonna.

We begin on the side of the road, where Wynonna needs good ol’ Hank to pass a test before she can just blindly believe he’s Wyatt Earp’s best friend. He tells her about a time he was dying of consumption and turned down Wyatt’s invitation to go to Purgatory. Wyatt had said what he thought was his final goodbye and then went off to prove there ain’t no such thing as devils.

Present-day Doc shows off his sharpshooter skills, proving to Wynonna without a doubt that he is who he says he is.

Wynonna Earp 104-1“Pretty spry for being so far over the hill the hill is a dot to you.”

He explains that he has eternal longevity (which is to say he’ll never die of natural causes, but he’s not immortal) but no information about the Earp curse. He’s just here in Purgatory on some unfinished business. Naturally.

Cut to a woman begging for forgiveness of another woman, who is not having it. As soon as the desperate woman is alone, a creepy voice says, “Tick tock,” and ends up getting sliced by a monster in the mirror.

The next day, Wynonna shows up at the scene, unimpressed by the crime scene, finding “Repent sinners” written in blood on the mirror a little cheap for her tastes.  

Wynonna Earp 104-2“I mean he could have just written, ‘Your obedient servant, A dot Ham.”

Wynonna pulls back the sheet to find that the vic is a local woman she knew and did not like at all, named Meghan. When she goes to the precinct to tell her sister, Waverly, of course, loved her, because Waverly is the town favorite. Dolls asks if Waverly has any idea which Revenant they should start looking at first, and she suggests Father Malick, because he hated woman quite a lot. She wants to go out in the field with them as a reward for her helpfulness, but Dolls vetoes it right quick.

As soon as Dolls steps out, Wynonna tells Waverly that Henry is Doc Holliday, but Waverly not only already knew, but has already gotten shot at and manhandled for knowing.

Wynonna Earp 104-3“Sick ’em, sis!”

And of course, this information sends Wynonna right to kick Doc’s ass. He escapes the encounter by the skin of his teeth and sends Wynonna to the trailer park to find their lead suspect.

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