“The Family” recap (1.9): Bad Reporter! Bad!


This week’s opening voiceover is Detective Clements! He says he wishes he could have been there to solve the case with Meyer and narrates as Doug and Jane smash his phone and otherwise dispose of the evidence.

Meyer, who is having an even worse day than she realizes, tries to roust Clements on his dead phone and then opens a confidential envelope. She starts watching Ben’s therapy sessions. Wait, can that happen?

Ben talks about what happened to him each day in the bunker and then accidentally says “we had school.” The therapist immediately leaps on the idea of Ben-Adam having an imaginary friend (which is weird, because school with Ben’s captor would also make that a “we”), but Meyer is more on her game. As Ben-Adam gives a few more details about his “friend,” Meyer starts taking notes on a foster kid named Ben.

Back home, Ben looks at the sock monkey closely and then lays it down on its back. Which screws up Claire’s view of him through the monkey cam she installed.

Early in the morning, Bad Reporter awakened by the sound of Willa working on her laptop. They’ve apparently had enough time to become a very comfortable couple.

Ep 9 Pic 1

Willa gets a call about a meeting that she totally forgot about. (So, wait, what time is it, then? If someone is already calling from work?) She lies that she can’t make it because Claire’s having a rough time since the affair story broke. Willa calls out to Imaginary Claire and says she needs to get Claire’s head in the game for the debate. Bad Reporter notes that that was a really good lie and Willa says she’s a really good liar. Bad Reporter is jealous of Willa’s superior lying ability, but also takes a minute to think “Yikes.”

Ep 9 Pic 2

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