“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.12): Pilgrimage


Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Kendra met her future self who warned her against non-Hawkman lovers, Rory was revealed as Chronos and was talked out of killing his friends, and the Time Masters sent the Pilgrim after the Legends’ younger selves.

At the Time Masters Council, we get to see first hand what happens when the Pilgrim kills your former self as a prisoner poofs into a cloud of blue smoke. The Pilgrim struts in, ready for her next task.

Legends of Tomorrow 112-1“She’s hot; I’m in.”

And that task is to kill the Legends.

In Central City, 1990, the Team is looking for a young Mick Rory in a house fire, but all they’ve found are his dead parents so far. But that’s because Young Rory is sitting nearby, watching his home burn. The Pilgrim sneaks up behind him, but The Atom saves him just in time.

On the Waverunner, Sara and Kendra are sparring, and Kendra thinks Sara is awfully calm considering their lives are in danger. Sara says that eventually you almost get used to always almost dying. Kendra gets in a hit and Sara is impressed. Sara points out that she noticed she took her advice to ignore her cowgirl self and asks if Kendra told Ray about what the old woman said, but Kendra is like “Yeah, no.”

Legends of Tomorrow 112-2“Let’s start our own time-travel team where we go back and save all the fictional queer characters.”

Sara laughs and is like, “Oh, right, honesty. Ggross.”

Legends of Tomorrow 112-3“Done and done.”

And I continue to be obsessed with their dynamic.

Rory leaves Jax to watch his younger self and goes to ask Rip what’s next. Rip explains that the Pilgrim only has one shot to kill them all, lest she risk warping time too much, and Gideon has tracked the Pilgrim’s ship, so it looks like next up is Sara Lance.

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