“The 100” recap (3.12): The past can come back haunt you.


Previously on The 100, Ontari killed the other Nightbloods so she would win the conclave by default, and is playing Heda even though Clarke took the flame with her, Jaha chipped all of Arkadia with Abby’s help, Monty killed his mother to save Octavia, and Raven’s friends freed her from Alie’s clutches, leaving them with a healthy mechanic and the one person who knows the most about the AI.

On a dark, dark night in a dark, dark forest during a dark, dark storm in a dark, dark cave, three teenagers sit around a campfire, telling ghost stories. The tradition of urban legends survived the apocalypse, and Miller tells the tale of the ghost of Alpha Station, who killed people because he was haunted by the memory of his dead family. He killed eleven people in one night with a hook, including himself, but you can still hear scraping in Alpha Station, chasing his demons. Miller jumps on Bryan to scare him, and Harper is highly amused.

The 100 312-1They let me have lines! And I got to SMILE!

Miller goes outside to let them sit with his story, and a few minutes later they hear a noise, so Harper sends Bryan out to check on his boyfriend. When he also doesn’t respond, she yells out for the boys to stop messing with her, but then she remembers they’re living a real life horror story, and she grabs her gun to see what happened. But then a demon appears, so she screams her best horror film scream. The demon looks a little like a Reaper, covered in bones and furs.

In Polis, Ontari struts around the market like she owns the place, Murphy by her side. But he ducks away when he spots his desert girlfriend at one of the meat carts.

The 100 312-2Emori! Surely, you’re still on our side!

Ontari comes back, yelling at him to stay close, and Murphy quickly tells Emori where they can meet before scurrying to catch up to the fake Commander.

In the rover on the way back to Arkadia, the Delinquent Six read Becca’s diary, and Clarke realizes that’s why the Commanders say they’re the heir of Bekka pramheda. She was the first commander, the first one to make herself compatible with the AI, something she passed down to her descendants. Clarke says that Luna is a natbleda, so she can access Alie 2. Octavia doesn’t understand how Clarke knows almost as much about trikru as her, because she hasn’t yet realized how similar they are.

Monty realizes this means his mom could still be alive, but Raven points out that it depends on what you define as “alive.”

D6 gets to Arkadia to find it totally empty. They creep about, weapons drawn, and find the spot where Lincoln was killed.

The 100 312-3And Bellamy smartly stays out of arm’s reach.

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