“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.20): Shots Fired


Once upon a time, there was peace in the Kingdom Calzona. Even though they had consciously uncoupled, Callie and Arizona had found a way to rule the kingdom together, but separately. All that is about to change. It was nice while it lasted, heh?

Let’s talk about guns

This week’s major case centered around a little boy who was accidentally shot by his best friend. Grey’s also used the episode to make a commentary about responsible gun use, which felt a little PSA-ey at times, but was an important discussion to be had.

At Meredith’s house, it’s a family affair with Zola and Bailey being impossibly cute and perceptive, Meredith rocking a plain white button down, and Maggie and Amelia becoming a major fixture in their lives. Amelia mentions that the kids pick up on everything, which comes into play later in our story.


Two frantic moms rush into the ER after hearing their sons were involved in a shooting. It’s not until the boys reach the ER that the identity of the injured boy is known. They hurry him in, and everyone gathers around, obviously very affected by this tragedy, Maggie in particular. It brings April and Jackson together too, and April promises to let him know how her prenatal appointment goes the next day. Baby steps.

Brandon, the little gunshot victim, has severe injuries and will need surgery ASAP. Owen and Amelia are interrupted by the boys’ babysitter who finally explains how Brandon got shot: they were playing with Brandon’s mom’s gun and the other little boy, Peter, accidentally shot him.


In Brandon’s OR, Owen, Amelia, Alex and Jo all work on their little patient, who is at serious risk of being paralyzed.  Talk turns to owning guns, and Jo admits she has one at the house. This is news to Alex, who is firmly against it.

Maggie decides to take it upon herself to question the already traumatized babysitter about how the boys were able to access the gun. After some interrogation, the babysitter tells her she was making them lunch when it happened, not being negligent. Riggs pulls Maggie away from the uncomfortable scene.

Brandon’s spine is compromised, and there are two surgical options they can go with, neither of which is a sure thing. She finds Brandon’s mom to ask what she’d like them to do, and it starts a fight between the two moms. Brandon’s mom blames Peter for the accident, but Peter’s mom reminds her that she’s the one who had the gun and didn’t keep it safe enough. She tosses around the word “murderer” as if Peter isn’t sitting right there, beyond terrified. Amelia sees his anguish.


While operating on Brandon, Alex tells Jo that he wants the gun out of the house. Maggie and Riggs watch the surgery from the theatre, and Riggs asks Maggie if she’s okay. She starts talking about her nieces and nephews and how worried she is that something will happen to them. “Family messes you up,” he tells her in his Riggs way.  

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