“Orphan Black” recap (4.02): Beneath the surface


Previously on Orphan Black, Beth’s clone contact MK reached out to Sarah to warn her she’s not safe where she’s hiding in Iceland, an evil EMS duo started cutting cheeks off people who had NeoWorms in them, and Delphine was shot and her fate is still unknown.

We begin in Iceland, where Sarah is running around trying to get everyone to pack up and go, but everyone is looking at her like she’s Chicken Little yelling that the sky is falling. But then Kira senses someone’s coming, and a few beats later, they see headlights.

So now everyone kicks into high gear, and Mrs. S torches the place on their way out, sock monkeys and all.

Back at home base, everyone starts getting pinged on their clone phones. Felix is painting, wearing only his apron, Alison is doing hip hop abs…

tumblr_o5xw12xcEV1rgvfxho4_400via orphanblack.tumblr.com

…and Cosima is moping in a weed garden.

OB 402-1Cosima: I take it Shay isn’t still around.

Sarah and Mrs. S roll out of the back of a truck and almost gut some poor guy before Benjamin shows up and gives him the all clear. Sarah tells Kira that Benjamin is going to take her and Kendall to the safe house and Kira wants to know if Cal will be there too. When Sarah says they might not see Cal for a while, Kira channels her future teenaged self and storms off, furious, and refuses to even look at her mother until they drive away.

Mrs. S and Sara go into a comic book store, and the owner leads them downstairs, where they find an elaborate lab, and Sarah is reunited with the first of her sestras.

OB 402-2“Never knew how much I missed ya.”

Sarah and Cosima call Alison, who is happy that Sarah is back but suspicious about this “MK” character who tipped her off. Sarah agrees that it’s weird, especially since things have been quiet lately. Cosima chimes in that, in some ways, it’s been TOO quiet.

Beth never mentioned MK to Sarah or Alison, and believe them, they’d remember a tale about a clone in a sheep mask. Cosima thinks the sheep mask is a hilarious shout-out to Dolly, the cloned sheep, but Alison does not find it funny in the least.

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