“Blindspot” sets Mayfair up for a twisted love triangle


Earlier this year, we told you about Blindspots lesbian character, Bethany Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste). While most of her work has been relegated to her powerful position as the HBIC of the FBI, episode 108 gave us a glimpse into her personal life, which was inextricably linked with her professional one as well. Mayfair’s lover, Sophia (Sarita Choudhury), unexpectedly committed suicide after they worked together on Project Daylight, a central plot point to the show that deals with the secrets behind Jane Doe’s tattoos, leading to new clues to the past and present each week.

flashbackflashback to happier times

In the last two episodes, though, we’ve seen more of Mayfair’s interest in women. In 117, she’s out by for a drink by herself when she sees a scuffle including a woman uninterested in sharing a bottle of champagne with a pushy man. Mayfair gets involved, flashing her badge and scaring the guy off. The woman is intrigued and invites Mayfair to share some ludicrously expensive wine with her.

bar“Nightcap at Henrietta Hudsons?”bar-smile“Clearly you’re from out of town.”

When we cut back to them mid-conversation, we find out that the woman, Alexandra, (Eisa Davis) is in town for work, and comes into the city often. She and Mayfair bond over being told that the “haven’t met the right man.” Mayfair jokes she had one, and she married him, so it took her “a while to get here.” Alexandra smiles at her: “I’m glad you’re here now.” They exchange numbers, hopeful for another encounter.

In this week’s episode (118), Mayfair is jokingly referred to as a “hermit” and is over to a colleague’s house for dinner; he even encourages her to bring someone. This leads to Mayfair sitting in her car, dialing Alexandra. Not texting; CALLING THE WOMAN. How novel!

mayfair“Should I send her a DM?”

phone-woman“How do you feel about carrying?”

Alexandra smiles on the other end of the call, saying she was just thinking about her. Alexandra is coming into the city soon; they were both “hoping” to see one another again, so they could “talk.” Alexandra offers that they’re “talking right now,” but Mayfair wants to take things slow: “You don’t know me very well yet, but this is a big enough step for me tonight, believe me.”

Mayfair has barely hung up the phone when someone bursts into her car, causing her to draw her gun. And in the last few seconds of the show, we find out that the intruder is none other than Sophia, back from the dead. Just kidding–looks like she never died at all! This is the way I want all lesbian/bi deaths on TV to rectify themselves: “PSYCH! I’m alive. Now let’s make up for lost time.”

car-sofia“It’s just me, your dead lover! And that’s not the first time this has happened on this show.”

Obviously, this is a huge twist for Mayfair in both sides of her life. Why would Sofia pretend to kill herself and leaves Mayfair thinking she had all this time? And how will that screw things up with Alexandra?

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