“Janet King” recap (2.4): The Liberator


Hello and welcome back to Janet King, the show I have drunkenly tried to interest several Australians in. The thing about Janet being single this season is that it makes it awfully hard to focus on all the mystery. I mean, I want to get invested in the guns and the Ferraris, I really do, but I keep getting distracted by the prospect of Bianca brushing Janet’s arm or Leeanna Walsman putting a little foam heart on her latte. Maybe we could have two shows: one where Janet solves all Australia’s problems, and another where she just deals with her personal life. Too bad Marta Dusseldorp is already so busy.

Here’s where we stand now:

-Bianca tried to put the moves on Janet and is still waiting to see if her desire is reciprocated. In the meantime, she’s going undercover as a domestic abuse victim, cozying up to Felix Murphy in hopes of learning more about the gun smuggling.

-Richard is trying to date Keisha, somewhat impeded by her PTSD and his own crippling awkwardness.

-Todd, the murder victim, was just a total turd, it turns out. He was part of a Ferrari-stealing racket, which involved Major Simon Hamilton (one of those names that just seems made up, somehow) and his sister-in-law, Karen Parker. Karen was with Todd on the day of the murder, which she neglected to mention when she went on TV to beg the Australian public for information on his whereabouts.


janet4.2THERE IT IS.

(You may also recognize Julia Billington, who plays Karen, from Aussie lesbian road comedy All About E, which features her engaging in some A+ lady kissing.)

This week, the team hauls in Karen to ask why she neglected to mention that she hung out with Todd for the last hours of his life. (That Todd! Just stealing cars and giving rides to ladies! His only two joys in life!) According to Karen, Todd heard that she and Major Hamilton weren’t getting along, so she stole Hamilton’s credit card information and bought her a $500 watch. Which, frankly, does not seem like a nice enough watch to risk jail time for, but whatever. When they start to delve into the matter of Hamilton’s Ferrari, though, Karen denies any knowledge of such a vehicle.

After the interview, Todd’s family yells at Janet in front of the barista, which is tragically the only time we see her all week. They do exchange an encouraging little smile, though.


Seriously, though, I get that her character is playing a long, nefarious game, but it seems a little insulting to her abilities to force her to hang around in out-of-focus background shots all episode long.

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