“Wynonna Earp” recap (1.03): Donuts and Demons


Previously on Wynonna Earp, Wynonna joined Dolls as part of the Black Badge Division, Officer Haught swaggered in and shamelessly hit on Waverly, the Revenants wanted to escape Purgatory but can’t cross town lines without suffering a long and painful re-death.

We open at Shorty’s bar, where Wynonna is moving all of Waverly’s stuff from the upstairs apartment so they can move back into the old family home. She sees Henry sitting at the bar and asks him to buy her a drink, but he brushes her off, calling her forward. Wynonna says she can tell what kind of guy he is, someone always running after or away from something, which is just her type. He tries to say she’s not his type, which is not even a good joke because Wynonna Earp is literally everyone’s type.

Once the cowboy leaves, Waverly comes to talk to her sister about the little flirtatious exchange she just witnessed.

Wynonna Earp 103-1These sestras have stolen my whole heart.

Wynonna says she could do worse than Henry, and asks if Waverly is ready for her research presentation, because tomorrow is the day her first day as Black Badge Division Consultant.

Meanwhile, across town, the Deputy Mayor is giving a speech about the wife of one of Purgatory’s founding fathers, who was a deaf, mute poet, and the time capsule she buried. They dig it up, but as soon as the capsule is out of the ground, three Revenants attack, pulling out Dixon’s diary and shoving it in their bag with a severed hand that’s already there. One particularly twitchy Rev asks if he can kill the mayor, and when he’s given the okay, he stabs him approximately a bajillion times.

At the precinct, Waverly presents her research to Dolls and Wynonna, explaining about the Ghost River Triangle, the cursed part of town. She trails off at the end of her sentence and Wynonna asks what’s wrong; Waverly says she didn’t realize how crazy it all sounded until she said it out loud. Despite the adorable nature of her pause, Dolls stays stern-faced as ever and tells her to go on. Wynonna mocks his serious tone to ease Waverly’s nerves.

Wynonna Earp 103-2“Donut make me repeat myself.”

Waverly goes on to explain why the Revenants can’t leave, and that she can’t quite ID them all just yet but she’s working on it. Wynonna is ready to fight; she growls out a badass battle cry. But Dolls points out that she’s not scaring anyone with powdered donut on her nose.

Dolls takes Waverly’s research, which she’s not too keen to part with, but Wynonna says that’s the way the donut crumbles.

Haught comes in because she was told to give Dolls the heads up if anything weird happened in Purgatory, so Dolls leaves with her. But Haught smirks at Waverly before leaving, too.

Wynonna Earp 103-3To drown in those dimples.

Dolls notices it and, by golly, I think he ships it.

On her way out, Wynonna high fives her lil sis and tells her she did great, leaving Waverly alone to collect the rest of her research. She drops a picture of Doc Holliday and picks it up, looking at it for the first time in a while, and realizing that it’s good ol’ Henry.

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