“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.11): How the West was Fun


Okay, you guys I’m not going to lie to you, this episode wasn’t particularly thrilling. I think probably partly that’s my own fault because I had never heard of Jonah Hex before, and he played a huge role in the episode. However, the ladies who keep us coming back for more were quite delightful, and Sara looked so amazing in her Wynonna Earp cosplay, so there’s still plenty to talk about.

Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, the Legends found out that Chronos was Mick Rory, and since he failed to kill his friends, the time masters sent Hunters after them.

Our Team of Legends goes to 1847, the Dakota Territory, in a town called  Salvation. AKA the wild, wild west. (Aaaaand now I’ll have that Will Smith song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.)

You see, Salvation is in something called a fragmentation, a temporal blind spot, and it’s a safe place to hide from the Time Masters for a bit. Ray is SO EXCITED to be a cowboy even though he has the swagger of a golden retriever puppy, but Rip says they can’t leave the ship for fear of messing everything up, as they’re wont to do. But Sara just wants to look around, look around…

Legends of Tomorrow 111-1Pwetty pwease??

Rory offers to watch over them so they can play Cowboys and Idiots, so Rip gives them outfits and weapons, imploring them to only use them for emergencies. Like, real, actual, desperate emergencies.

Legends of Tomorrow 111-2I ship these birds of prey.

Sara inspects her gun like a pro and promises they’ll stay out of trouble with about as much conviction as a kid telling their mom they’ll go to bed early during a sleepover. Once they’re suited up, they strut down the dusty streets of Salvation, Kendra wearing a lovely dress, and Sara looking like something right out of fanfiction.

Legends of Tomorrow 111-3I swear I had this dream before.

They hit up the local saloon, and Kendra runs into someone that gives her a flash of a memory, but by the time she recovers from the shock of it, the woman is gone.

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