“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.18): Code Pink


This week’s Grey’s Anatomy was a twofer, but the first episode was pretty much focused on Ben Warren. Did Ben act with negligence while operating on a pregnant woman, or not? That’s the question Bailey must answer, and it’s not going to be easy considering Ben is her husband. The second episode continues Ben’s story but also brings us important moments for Callie and Penny, Callie and Arizona and April and Jackson. Grab your scalpels, friends.

Ben there, done that

If you recall, it wasn’t too long ago that Dr. Ben Warren opened a man’s chest with part of a clipboard. So he’s already feeling some heat. When Bailey calls a Code Pink to search for a missing child, Ben finds himself making a similar kind of decision. See, a Code Pink shuts every door and elevator in the hospital down. Everyone is trapped where they are. That’s where our story really starts.

The patient in question is Gretchen, a pregnant woman who was in a car accident with her husband and three children. Her husband Omar got the worst of it, but Gretchen needs medical attention too. (FYI, their three kids are OK.) Gretchen gets checked out, and all seems fine, but Arizona sends Ben and DeLuca to take her for a scan to make sure. It’s during the transfer from the scan to the OB department where the shit hits the fan, and the hospital goes into lockdown. Gretchen becomes hypertensive while Ben and DeLuca are stuck in a hallway right before the elevator bank. Ben decides to perform an emergency C-Section right then and there, and when the Code Pink is called off seconds later, Bailey finds a bloody scene and Ben holding a baby.


Gretchen is rushed into surgery, and Bailey rushes to find out what really happened. Gretchen and her baby don’t survive, which makes the stakes even higher. She’s desperate to find anyone or anything to deflect the incident on, but the more she looks into it, the more she realizes that Ben made the wrong call.

Jasmine, Omar and Gretchen’s oldest child and all of 12 years old, is the real heartbreak of the show. When Bailey goes to check on the kids, Jasmine pulls her aside and asks Bailey to tell her the truth about her mom. Jasmine is far more stoic than any tween should have to be, and that continues when Omar suffers a massive seizure, and his mother arrives to make a major decision about his care. It’s likely that Omar will never wake up, and Jasmine convinces her grandmother to sign a DNR for him, knowing her full of life father wouldn’t want to spend his life in a vegetative state.


Because Bailey can’t be impartial with the Ben situation, she asks Maggie, Meredith and Owen to form their own advisory committee to look into the matter. When they finally confront Ben about the elevator opening before he made his first cut into Gretchen, Ben explains that he was so focused that he could only see his patient and the task at hand. The docs agree as they’ve been there before, and ultimately the decision lies with Bailey. She decides to suspend Ben from the residency program for six months, which will considerably derail his progress, but it could have been much worse. If he weren’t her husband, she would have fired him. It’s a major crossroads for their relationship, which up until now has escaped most of the slings and arrows that the other couples on Grey’s have been through. Can they survive it?


When Omar starts to fade while his family is in the cafeteria, Amelia calls for Bailey. Despite the DNR, Bailey decides to resuscitate him. Is she doing it for Ben, Omar’s family, herself? Who knows? However, it saves Omar’s life, who miraculously bounces back and regains consciousness and cognitive abilities. It’s the only bright spot in this painfully tragic situation, and Bailey delivers the heartbreaking news about his wife and child as Ben watches from the sidelines.


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