“The 100” recap (1.11): Quoth the Raven


Previously on The 100, Octavia told her stupid brother he was dead to her, Raven took the City of Light pill but regretted it when she realized she lost some memories, Alie gave her only her very most painful memories back and all at once, causing Raven to submit to the City of Light to get them back. Abby took the City of Light pill to save Raven’s life, Jasper kidnapped Raven and ran away from Arkadia, running into Clarke on the way. Abby and Jaha plan for Stage 2 of Alie’s plan.

In the Rover, Clarke tries to ask Jasper what the hell is going on, but he’s still drowning in his own manpain and tells her to just look out for the cave where their friends are.

In the cave, Octavia gathers her things and starts to leave, shrugging off Bellamy’s warnings and saying that with Pike gone, she can handle herself back at Arkadia. She wants to burn Lincoln’s body, because it’s the trikru way. Bellamy asks how he can redeem himself, and Octavia doesn’t flinch in her response: Bring Lincoln back.

The 100 311-1Let me spell it out for you…You. Cannot. Redeem. Yourself.

Bellamy tries to pull the “for my people” crap, but Octavia says that Bellamy was mad, and he lashed out. He was selfish, and now he has to nut up and deal with the consequences. Monroe is dead, Lincoln is dead, and it’s all his fault. Lexa’s death is his fault too, but O doesn’t know that yet. She storms off, but then she sees Jasper and Clarke show up with Raven.

Clarke calls out for Octavia, saying she needs her, and even though Octavia is salty about Clarke not showing up in Polis, she can’t resist the pull of Wanheda.

Jasper explains to his friends about the City of Light chips and Raven’s plan to release herself from Alie’s grip using one of their old wristbands. It all sounds like nonsense, but Clarke holds up Flame!Lexa and asks if that’s what the City of Light chip looks like, and Jasper says not quite. Raven wakes up then, so she (and therefore Alie) sees Flame!Lexa, and Alie tells her to figure out where they are. So Raven breaks away and runs outside, but gets knocked back unconscious before she can see a landmark.

They stall as to what to do next, but Clarke knows where to get a wristband.

The 100 311-2I’m here to save you from yourselves; you’re welcome.

They head to the trading post, and Clarke wants to talk to her alone, but Bellamy follows like a bad smell. Niylah is there to greet them…and by greet them I mean threaten them. She calls Clarke Wanheda and says sky people aren’t welcome here. Her father was one of the 300 warriors slain. Clarke would have talked to her all day but Bellamy is impatient so he pulls a gun on her, forcing Niylah to let them drag a blindfolded Raven to the back room.

Alie realizes she still doesn’t know where they are, so she makes Raven kick and scream so they tie her down. Clarke tells Bellamy and his big gun to stand down and talks to Niylah, one on one.

The 100 311-3“Don’t mind him, he’s a bellend.”

Clarke says that it’s hard to explain exactly what’s going on, but promises her that it’s important stuff. She says that they’re not the ones who killed her father, and says she knows Niylah won’t let an innocent girl suffer. So Niylah gives them the wristband and a room to work in.

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