Season 4 of “Orphan Black” premieres tonight, Clonesbians!



It’s been a long year, but our weekly Tatiana Maslany intake is about to increase by about 1000% percent. Forecast calls for dark clouds of confusion, a lot of amazing special effects, the most perfect face of our generation, sarcastic quips for the ages, and much moly.


Let’s break down what Season 4 has in store for us, shall we?

Here’s (some of) what we know so far:

  • At a panel at the 92nd Street Y in NYC, the cast, executive producers Graeme Manson and John Fawcett were asked to describe the season, and the general theme they came up with was “Origins.” And the first episode alone proves just that. A lot of lingering questions are answered—some we’ve had as far back as the first season—a lot of puzzle pieces we thought were long lost get snapped into place. Plus, that’s kind of what the show has been about all along, yeah? Sarah and her sestras have been on a quest for their origins; where they came from, who made them, and why. They’ve started to piece it all together, but there’s still a lot to learn.
  • Four months have passed for Sarah, Cosima, Alison, et al. since we last left them.We left Sarah in Iceland with Kira, and Alison as the new school trustee. Helena was learning to be Suzie Homemaker with only a Hendrix level of murder and protecting babies at all costs. Rachel was essentially kidnapped by her own mother and put in a finch-covered glass box. Cosima was in a limbo of sorts, with her heart being tugged in multiple directions both romantically and professionally. She did get some of their original DNA though from Kendall (Mrs. S’s mother!) so hopefully, she’s spent this time coming up with a cure for the Leda disease.
  • We will meet at least one new clone. She goes by M.K. and wears a sheep mask. Big fan of masks, this one. And she’s already more involved than you think.
  • Just because Paul is gone and Sarah is done playing detective with Art doesn’t mean we’ve learned all there is to learn about Beth Childs. Not by a long shot. (Watch the first four minutes of the episode here to see what I mean.)


Here are some outstanding questions we hope the season will answer:

IS DELPHINE ALIVE? We need to know! Helena and Kira have survived worse, but they have superclone blood power. I have theories about why I think she’s alive (for example, she’s the only one of our current clone club who has seen the Neolution worm thanks to her run-in with Dr. Neelan.) And I know the showrunners have been talking about her like she’s dead, but they did the same thing with Helena, and even though part of me thinks they wouldn’t do that again, part of me just doesn’t know. And based on one of the trailers, Cosima doesn’t know either.

What other new clones will we meet? I feel like we meet more and more clones every year. Tony in Season 2, Krystal and Jennifer in Season 3—will we get more than just M.K. this year? How many Tatiana Maslanys can reasonably fit in one shot? Is there a Guinness world record we can break?

Speak of the sexy devil…where IS Tony? What has he been up to? Has he been able to fly under the radar, or is he still on the run? Has he found more Leda clones to hang out with? Has he cut that godawful mullet yet?

Is Shay going to still be in the picture? Can she forgive Cosima for Delphine’s torture sesh? Will Cosima trust her enough to come clean about being 324B21?

How do the Proletheans fit into all this? Right off the bat we start to learn about Neolution and how their fingerprints have been smudging our story from day one even without our realizing it, but it seems like the Proletheans weren’t too far behind them at every turn. Starting with Maggie Chen.

What weird thing will Helena put sugar on next?

No but really, IS DELPHINE ALIVE?!?!


What questions do you have that you hope will be answered this season? Anything in particular you’re looking forward to? Predictions and theories? There are still way too many hours between us and the premiere, so let it all out here now, then livetweet with us at 10pm EST on BBC America using the hashtag #clonesbians!

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