“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.17): Let the games begin


Paging Dr. Torres! Seriously, I broke my foot, where’s Calliope Torres when you need her? (This is my also apology for being late again this week. Damn this fifth metatarsal of mine.) OK, I’ve got some painkillers in me, (does anyone else see that unicorn hiding behind my desk?) so on with the episode.

Make up your mind already

It certainly feels like the residents have been getting the short end of the stick lately, doesn’t it? Jo is relegated to being Alex’s girlfriend more than a three-dimensional character herself. Stephanie doesn’t have much of a role outside of surgery, though I’m betting dollars to donuts this reduced role is because Jerrika Hinton scored the starring role in a new Shonda project, Toast.

Penny has had more of a storyline than the two combined but we still barely know her. Well this week, it’s time for the attendings to nominate a resident for the Preminger Research Grant. I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’ve heard of this prestigious grant, which takes one lucky resident away from the hospital for a year to study at the Preminger Center. Thank you to Maggie, who informs us about the grant while trying to stop her sisters from killing each other over some open cabinets. (Granted, this is super annoying, Amelia. Who leaves the cupboards open? Are you a poltergeist?)    

As Jo and Steph send in their perfectly crafted applications, Penny, who didn’t realize she was even eligible, decides not to throw her hat in the ring. I mean, she’s finally getting settled in at the hospital, and Meredith and Amelia no longer want to destroy her. Plus there’s Callie.


Speaking of which, Callie is totally supportive of Penny applying for the grant. She’s also pretty darn happy when Penny decides not to apply and stay in Seattle with her.


Since Penny has been on Amelia’s rotation for a couple weeks now, Steph is more than thrilled to be joining the two for some surgery and face-time before the Preminger nominations. Their patient is professional guitarist Kyle Diaz (guest star Wilmer Valderrama), who has MS and developed a hand tremor that threatens to derail his upcoming concert tour. Kyle immediately takes a shine to Steph, and flirts up a storm with her. Amelia plans to operate on Kyle’s brain while he’s awake to locate and treat the source of the tremor. Now that deserves a round of applause. Steph is less than pleased to find out that Penny will actually be the one assisting Amelia. Instead, she’ll be monitoring Kyle.


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