“Call the Midwife” recap (5.2): Hooks and Tapas


Whelp, Call the Midwife is back at it with another heartbreaking episode that leaves us in a puddle. Luckily, this one doesn’t involve any lesbian tragedy, which is a welcome relief! We open on the busy docks of London, where all sorts of imports and goods are being hauled and unpacked, one of which is a new-fangled product called baby formula.

We zip over to the clinic, where we meet Mum of the Week Stella, a stressed out woman with high blood pressure. Unfortunately, all Barb has to offer her are God and breathing exercises, neither of which calms her anxiety.

call1Am I pregnant or did I just have another bad Chipotle burrito?

Across the hall, a representative is giving a lecture to the other mums about the benefits of baby formula, which allows mums who can’t breastfeed (or who need to get back to work) another option to feed their baby. Sister Evangelina listens in, and can’t help but call the rep a charlatan. She thinks breast is best, and won’t hear of any formula nonsense. I’m so glad that 60 years later, we’re done with shaming mums about breastfeeding vs. formula JK WE STILL DO THIS LET MUMS DO WHAT THEY WANT, SOCIETY! We then meet another mum, Connie, who is a patient of Evangelina’s. She has inverted nipples and has to wear these awful looking plastic cups on her boobs to help her nurse. I’m sure this will turn out great.

call2Sister Evangelina is in no mood for your bullshit

Stella has dinner with her husband Johnny and tries to convince him to buy a pram on layaway. Johnny hasn’t been getting any work on the docks, so money is tight. She urges him to try harder and continues to stress herself out in the process. Later on, Barb calls on the family to find the couple in the midst of a terrible fight. Johnny takes his dock hook and storms out while Stella watches a group of homeless men on the street outside. Barb urges her to apply for national assistance aka British welfare, but she’s too proud. She says that Johnny has changed, and she doesn’t know why.

Over at Nonnatus house, Phyllis has made a new pin board to organize the nursing schedules. She invites the nurses to her Spanish class, in an effort to better serve the immigrant families of Poplar. Phyllis goes alone, where she meets a kind older gent named Tommy Smith. You may recognize Tommy as Mr. Mason from Downton Abbey, and I will be calling him Mason from now on because we really don’t need another Tom on the show, right? Get a new name, Call the Midwife! They flirt, and it’s adorable.

Call3Bruce? Arnold? Ralph?! I suggested all of these, but these showrunners can’t get enough Toms

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