“Wynonna Earp” recap (1.02): Welcome to Purgatory


Howdy and welcome to Wynonna Earp recaps! I knew from the pilot that this quintessentially SyFy, female-led show would be right up my alley, but then to make things better, showrunner Emily Andras said this show will be “hella gay” (and since she was involved in Lost Girl I had no reason to doubt her). Sure enough, the second episode showed great queer promise.   

First, some background on what went down in the pilot. Wynonna Earp, descendant of the infamous Wyatt Earp, returns to her hometown, aptly named Purgatory. And Wynonna—oh, let me tell you about Wynonna. She’s like if Jessica Jones was on a Joss Whedon show. But also so much more. She’s sass, she’s fierce, her soul is broken but her heart is strong. And she wears the hell out of a leather jacket.

Wynonna Earp 102-1

In Purgatory, everyone Wyatt Earp killed is back from the dead, as demons called Revenants, and only Wyatt’s heir can kill them. And only Wyatt’s gun, Peacemaker. When Wynonna was 12, her older sister Willa was taken, and when the Revenants tried to take their father, Wynonna shot Peacemaker but accidentally shot dear old dad. Wynonna’s younger sister, Waverly, is still living in Purgatory and is the day to Wynonna’s night. The shiny happy ball of pink sunshine to Wynonna’s dark and stormy rain cloud. And kind of looks like she could be a Bellisario. A man named Detective Dolls rolls into town around the same time as Wynonna and recruits her to be part of the Black Badge Division, an agency dedicated to vanquishing demons. And if Waverly is sunshine and Wynonna is a hurricane, Dolls is a dry Southern day. Tumbleweed weather.

This week’s episode begins with Wynonna on her first mission with Dolls. She tries to explain to him that only Peacemaker can kill Revenants, but he makes her take a handgun instead. He tells her not to blow it, and she makes a blow job joke that made ME spit take, but didn’t affect Dolls at all. Unlike him, I always appreciate a mind that lives in the gutter.

When she goes into the bar where some Revenants are hanging out and tries to sound all official for a minute, but ends up shouting, “Crazy chick with a gun!”

Wynonna Earp 102-2

Wynonna shoots a couple of Revenants, causing people to rush out of the bar in a panic. Dolls is pissed that she wasn’t discreet about it, but discreet isn’t exactly in Wynonna’s vocabulary. She’s unfazed by his annoyance; she’s mostly just pleased she proved her point: only Peacemaker can kill Revenants.

Dolls takes her to a gun range and even though she knows none of these weapons will work on the Revenants, she enjoys playing with them. He tells her the history of the Black Badge Division, though she’s disappointed when she finds out the Roosevelt that started it wasn’t Eleanor.

Wynonna Earp 102-3Misandry!

The dynamic between these two is pretty great. You might call her grumpy until you meet Dolls, and then she seems downright cheerful. She sasses him all the livelong day, and he has yet to even smirk at her. But luckily that doesn’t stop her.

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