“Arrow” recap (4.18): One Last Time


What is going on with TV this season, y’all? Specifically, The CW? At one point they were winning the gayest race and had badass women at every turn. But it’s like they decided to make 2016 the year of senseless deaths, and have killed at least five women on four different shows in less than four months, four of them queer. And that’s only off the top of my head. And that’s one single network.

Okay, I’ll get more into this in a bit, but first, let’s recap.

We open in the Diggle residence, where Andy is taking out John’s gun, trying to act normal. Andy confesses that Merlyn approached him and that he’s concerned that HIVE is still active despite Darhk being locked up. Diggle takes this news to Oliver and convinces him to use Andy as a double agent.

Oliver has to go to the Mayor’s acceptance speech because it’s customary for the runner-up to do so, even though technically he didn’t lose, he just backed out. When he gets there, he finds out 48% of Star City wrote in his name despite him backing out of the race, a record high. After her speech, the new Mrs. Mayor Darhk tries to butter Laurel up, and Laurel tries to play nice back.

Arrow 418-1“I will not punch the new mayor; I will not punch the new mayor.”

She even goes so far as to offer Laurel the DA position, saying they should work together. Back at the Arrow Cave, Thea asks Laurel if she’ll take the position, and while she knows it will be helpful to keep the new mayor close, she’s not sure if she wants the gig.

Arrow 418-2“You could make this city gay again.”

The girls start to talk about Merlyn, and Laurel notices Thea stopped calling him, “Dad.” Thea says this isn’t your typical father/daughter tiff, and that this time both of them are ready to cut ties, but Merlyn appears out of the shadows saying quite the opposite.

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