“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (12.16): Come clean


Dear readers, my apologies for the late nature of last week’s Grey’s Anatomy recap. My wife and I moved from New York to South Carolina and I was a little behind in my TV viewing. Also, I had no internet…or furniture…or forks. Anyway, my apologies.

Meredith’s freak out

So Meredith finally decided to give dating Major Thorpe a shot. They pressed their faces together, then they did the deed. The next morning, Mer flipped her biscuit when she woke up to find Thorpe in her bed. Like a good, protective sister, Maggie hears Mer screaming and gives him a few whacks before sending him away without his shoes. Amelia arrives just in time to witness the scene.

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Maggie and Amelia tried to figure how best to comfort Meredith, but Meredith just wants to wash that man right out of her hair. Well, house actually. She wants to bleach everything in sight. Amelia tries to explain that she’s been sleeping at the house, but Meredith just wants that sweet, sweet bleach. I totally feel this. When I’m distressed, I like to clean too.

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Amelia and Maggie join in with the cleaning to keep an eye on Mer. The sisters talk about their man troubles: Owen won’t stop calling, DeLuca is distant. All the while, Meredith is ferociously scrubbing and dusting every surface. As the sisters start assembling a carpet steamer together (it’s an actual thing that happens), Meredith starts to come out of her fugue and asks Amelia what when down with Owen. Alex then bursts in all protective, offering to beat up Thorpe. He gets recruited into cleaning instead.

As Maggie tries to talk to the gang about DeLuca, they all exchange knowing glances. Finally Amelia speaks up and tells Maggie that DeLuca is totally trying to ditch her. She’s just picking up on it yet. Maggie refuses to believe this, so she marches off to the hospital to confront him.

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At the hospital, Owen and Ben come out of surgery, and Owen is silently freaking out that Amelia is ignoring his calls. Ben tells him about a time he upset Bailey very badly and how after some apologizing and time, she forgave him.  Maybe the same will be true for Amelia and Owen.

As Meredith starts rearranging the shelves in the closet, she comes across Derek’s old, ugly blanket. It makes her smile, and it’s evident that it’s not that the house isn’t clean. It’s that Derek is still everywhere in it, down to the foundation. With that, the cleaning ends and the healing begins. Later on, Alex finds Meredith in front of the fire. She talks about her freak out and how things with Thorpe were actually pretty great. She’s not ready for pretty great yet though. And that’s okay.

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When Amelia returns to the house with Zola and Bailey, Owen shows up and wants to talk. His apology is heartfelt, but Amelia has to make a decision for herself. Being sober is her main priority, and she can’t be with Owen right now. She joins the rest of the gang by the fire as they wait for pizza, and Thorpe pays a visit. He apologizes for doing anything to upset Mer, but she tells him that isn’t the case. She just isn’t ready. He tells her to give him a call when she is, because he thinks she’s worth waiting for.

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When Meredith comes back in, she tells Amelia she doesn’t have to leave. She’s welcome to stay at the house. I love when the sisters all come together.

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