“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.09): A League of Their Own


Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Mick betrayed everyone, Snart “took care of” him, Sara kissed Betty McRae’s long lost twin, and in another show in a land far away, Sara joined the League of Assassins. Nyssa was in these flashbacks, and it got my hopes up just to be smashed later.

Legends of Tomorrow 109-1NYYYYYSSAAAAAAA

We pick up where we left off, with Sara, Kendra and Ray being left behind in the 50s.

On the Waverider, Chronos is attacking Firestorm firestorms but when they firestorm into the room, everyone is gone besides an unconscious Rip. So they freefall through time and space while trying to get back to where they left half their team.

The trio left behind waits for 10 minutes, knowing the team would come back for them right where they left them, but nothing happens. Sara loses hope, probably considering going back to her new nurse girlfriend. Ray still wants to stay put, but Sara tells him the harsh truth: Their team is not coming back for them.

Legends of Tomorrow 109-2“I think we should swing by the hospital…”

Ten hours later, Sara hotwires a car for them to use to escape. They can’t stay here in Harmony Falls, no matter how many lesbian nurses there are, because Savage is hunting them. So they go to a place called Hub City to wait it out. Ten days pass, and the girls are grocery shopping (Sara in flannel) and shopping for a bed. Ten weeks go by, and the girls are playing together while Ray fiddles with his toys.

Legends of Tomorrow 109-3“It says we have to kiss. Listen, I don’t make the rules.”

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