Morning Brew – Abby Wambach goes golfing with Caitlyn Jenner


Good morning! I’m heading to Palm Springs today to hang out with 10,000 lesbians. If you want to follow the fun, we’re on Snapchat: AfterEllen.

In some fantastic news, same-sex couples can now adopt in all 50 states! Roberta Kaplan for the win, again!

Keke Palmer atalks about Scream Queens and her music career in Interview.

Amber Heard is a singer/songwriter in One More Time

Linda Harvey of Mission: America is not happy that professional sports are supporting LGBT players and fans. An excerpt:

What happened to real men in pro sports? Or are their spiteful lesbian lawyers calling the shots? Time for some boycotts, sports fans.

I love the idea of all these dudes in the NBA, NFL, etc. having lesbian lawyers who make their decisions for them.

Related: Former Olympian and now University of San Francisco basketball coach Jennifer Azzi announced she is married to her assistant coachBlair Hardiek.

The father of a teen Chinese girl paid a man to kill her girlfriend, so he did. Oh, and also he raped her. This was 16 years ago, but he’s finally on trial.

Cara Delevingne says she never quit modeling; she just wrote and said a lot of things about how depressing it was and how she way prefers acting.

Do you want to take over Sydney Mardi Gras? They’re looking for a new CEO.

Caity Lotz talks Sara Lance with Den Of Geek.

Stevens Universe is getting two more seasons from Cartoon Network. Praying for more Ruby and Sapphire.

Caitlyn Jenner and Abby Wambach seem to be pretty buddy-buddy as they play golf together at LPGA’s ANA Inspiration Pro-Am at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California. She even jumped into a pond to celebrate gender equality. Enjoy that retirement life, Abby!

Speaking of Abby, the former soccer star said she will donate her brain for concussion research. After she’s done with it, of course.

At The Telegraph: “Sexually experimenting with women made me who I am today – not a ‘lipstick lesbian.’” This idea of a lipstick lesbian is a little off but the rest is worth a read.

A North Carolina Baptist Church sent a letter to a lesbian member telling her she must divorce her wife and denounce her homosexuality to stay a member of the congregation. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO, YOU JERKS?

Raelle Tucker of A&E’s The Returned has joined Jessica Jones as Executive Producer.

Jill Soloway and Andrea Sperling will produce a TV adaptation of Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney‘s new novel The Nest.

Have a great weekend!

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