Hannah hooks up with a woman on “Girls”


On last night’s episode of Girls, “Queen For Two Days,” Hannah (Lena Dunham) goes to a spiritual retreat with her mom, Lorene, called Spring Queening. Hannah hates it immediately. She has to be outside, hang around with peppy middle age women and is not allowed to use her phone. But when she meets a yoga instructor (Lena Hall) around her age who compliments her as “luscious,” Hannah finds herself intrigued, which distracts her from the task at hand, which is to break up with her boyfriend, Fran, via e-mail.


Later, when Hannah can’t stand the dinner table conversation, the instructor offers to stretch Hannah out in the sauna which leads to this.


And then:


As soon as the instructor grabs Hannah’s ass, Hannah gives a disclaimer:

“You know, actually, I’ve never had sex with a woman before. I did other stuff I went to Oberlin so I’m not like a monster but my dad’s gay so there might be a genetic…”

The instructor interrupts her: “I’ve never slept with a student before.”

When we cut back to Hannah and instructor, Hannah is between her legs, going down on her, but something’s wrong. It’s not working, Hannah is too hot, and she says, “I’d really like to stop.”

“Please, it’s just 30 seconds,” the instructor says. “Just give me 30 seconds!”

But Hannah stands and starts to get dressed, awkwardly listening as the instructor finishes herself off, seemingly enjoying herself until she breaks down crying. Hannah looks disgusted and leaves, heading back to her room with her mother, who announces she is going to stay with Hannah’s gay dad because there’s no better option.


In an Inside the Episode interview, Lena says of the scene: “It was my first time to make out with another Lena and I’m grateful for the opportunity. I think [Hannah’s] just desperate to reclaim the part of herself that is probably spurred by being a writer that just wants to burn the world down. It’s the first sex she’s had not with Fran in a long time and experience is so emotionally disorientating and weird for her that it just sends her straight back to him, harder than she was before.” (By the way, the irony is not lost on me that Fran is played by Jake Lacy, who was the guy Rooney Mara left for Cate Blanchett in Carol.)

This isn’t the first we’ve seen of the Girls going girl-on-girl, but it is the first we’ve seen of Hannah’s willingness to engage a woman. In the past, Jessa has made out with Marnie and hooked up with Danielle Brooks while in rehab, though all of the Girls are focused on major relationships with men. So while it’s not surprising Hannah would hook up with a woman while on an all-lady retreat, she is in a monogamous relationship with her boyfriend, and ultimately she decides to halt things despite them having already gotten pretty far.

Millenial woman, as has been well-documented, are more sexually fluid and adventurous (or at least more open about it) than generations past, so while Girls lacks a regular queer woman character, it is cool to see three of the four female leads follow suit.


Will we ever see a “Girl” enter into a relationship with a woman, like, say, Samantha on Sex and the City? It seems unlikely, but there’s always time for Shoshana to experiment. It wouldn’t be Zosia Mamet‘s first time playing a queer role.

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