Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (March 27, 2009)


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Show/Episode: Guiding Light — CBS, drama
What happened: Olivia starts looking for her own place to live, as Natalia leans towards accepting Frank’s marriage proposal. But when Olivia’s heart has problems and Natalia has to take her to the hospital, Natalia tells a supposedly sleeping Olivia how much their friendship means to her, and then almost kisses her — but Olivia “wakes up” before their lips meet.

Natalia heads straight for the chapel to pray that they would always be friends, and finally takes off her deceased husband’s ring. At the same time, Olivia turns to closeted lesbian mayor Doris for help, and admits to Doris that she purposely woke up before Natalia could kiss her because she’s afraid of what would happen if they kissed. Doris assures her that even though she’s afraid, she’s not alone, but Olivia can’t handle thinking about all that coming out would entail, and abruptly leaves. When she finds Natalia’s engagement ring at home in a drawer, she tells Natalia she should marry Frank. So Natalia accepts Frank’s proposal, but both women look pained as Frank announces the news.

Show/Episode: Los Hombres de Paco — Spain, drama
What happened: The guy Pepa kissed to make Silvia jealous, Curtis, has a crush on her. He thinks that maybe Pepa is harboring some feelings for him (she isn’t). When he tells her that she’s not only good at shooting, but at kissing too, she said that she didn’t want him to think that she was harassing him or making a pass at him, that it was just a stupid kiss. But he’s planning to do something to impress her.
Thanks to: Maria!

Show/Episode: Grey’s Anatomy — ABC, drama
What happened: Callie and Arizona danced together in Callie’s apartment for 20 seconds, then they shared a two-minute scene later in the episode in the chapel, when Callie expressed guilt over previously wishing Izzie would die (in light of the fact that Izzie is now dying). Callie forced George to forgive Izzie for not telling him about her illness.

Show/Episode: Emmerdale — U.K., drama
What happened: Debbie is released from prison, and goes to see Jasmine, who is still in prison. Jasmine apologizes for not listening to Debbie when she warned her about Shane. Debbie tells Jasmine they’ll be together again when Jasmine is released from prison, but Jasmine proceeds to end their relationship. Debbie begs her not to, but Jasmine says she has to in order to cope in prison. They tell each other “I love you” at the end, while being separated by a prison guard.
What else you need to know: Jasmine appears to have been written off the show.
Thanks to: Givadid!

Show/Episode: All My Children — ABC, drama
What happened: Reese regained her sight, encouraged Kendall to forgive Zach, and asked Erica to keep an open mind, telling her “I will be your daughter-in-law someday”.
Quote of the week: Kendall to Reese: “Being gay and in love with my sister didn’t stop you from sucking Zach’s face.”
What else you need to know: Bianca’s returning on April 24.

Show: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) — Germany, drama
What happened: Charlie enlists Stella’s help in revamping Schneiders, her uptown restaurant. Stella admits to Carla that she’s in love with Charlie.
Thanks to: Annelies

Show/Episode: Home and Away — Australia, drama

Charlie on "Home and Away"

What happened: After Charlie and Joey come back from a run on the beach, Charlie’s younger sister warns Charlie that Joey is falling for here, which freaks Charlie out a little. Walking on the beach later, she is confronted by Robert (the former co-worker who’s been harassing Joey), and Charlie warns him to stay away from Joey. Later, when Charlie finds Hugo hitting on Joey, she chases him away, but gets uncomfortable when Joey puts her hand on her arm to thank her for being such a great bodyguard.

Show/Episode: Make Me a Supermodel — Bravo, reality competition
What happened: Bisexual contestant CJ is still boring and annoying.
What else you need to know: read Dara’s mini-recaps of the show here.

Note: Since I’ll be in Palm Springs next Friday for Dinah, I won’t be doing a TV roundup for next week’s BLWE. Sorry! I’ll try to catch you up the following week.

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— by Sarah Warn

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