Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (March 20, 2009)



Random guy: I’m tellin you, true commitment is a thing of the past, I mean name one happy couple.
Castle: Degeneres and De Rossi.
Random guy #2: Ooh I think he gotcha there bro.

— “Nanny McDead” episode of Castle (ABC)

Note: There are no spoilers about future episodes, just updates on what has already aired, but click here if you want to skip these updates and go directly to the next page.

Show/Episode: Guiding Light — CBS, drama
What happened: Olivia tells Natalia about finding Doris in a gay bar, and the two women blackmail Doris with this info to get her to put Philip behind bars.
What else you should know: Funniest moment was the look on Olivia’s face when Natalia asked her what she was doing in a gay bar (she clearly hadn’t thought that one through yet).

Show/Episode: Bones — Fox, drama
What happened: Roxie breaks up with Angela, who then has a tryst with Hodgins. Angela gives Sweets the stink eye when he suggests she try celibacy for awhile.

Show/Episode: Skins — U.K, teen drama
What happened: Emily and Naomi come out as a couple and live happily ever after. (OK, so there was just too much in this episode to summarize here — look for a full blog post about the eisode tomorrow afternoon or Monday).

Show/Episode: Home and Away — ABC, drama
What happened: Charlie encourages Joey to come out to her brother, but Joey does, her brother calls her a sicko and tells her to move out of the house they share.

Show/Episode: Hospital Central — Spain, drama
What happened: Esther breaks up with her girlfriend Bea in the beginning of the episode, without really explaining why. Bea has a panic attack because of the break up and ends up at the hospital. Bea tries to convince Esther to get back together but Esther resists, and Maca is quite happy to learn that Bea and Esther broke up. When she asks Esther whether this has anything to do with Maca and Esther’s relationship, Esther tells her she needs time. Maca tells Esther she’s going to try and win her back little by little, and when Esther points out that they have both hurt each other a lot, Maca jokes and says “I’m a doctor, and you’re a nurse.” Esther adds that they both know that patients need time to recover. Maca asks her if this patient she’s talking about wants to recover. Esther responds with a smile, “what do you think?”
Thanks to: Jennifer

Show/Episode: All My Children — ABC, drama
What happened: Reese begins to regain her sight, and clings to the letter from Bianca.

Show: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) — Germany, drama
What happened: Olli interrupts a kiss between Stella and Carla. The next day Stella tells Carla that she likes her a lot but that there’s another woman in her life. Carla confides her troubles to Sophia, her infant daughter.

Thanks to: Annelies

Show/Episode: Make Me a Supermodel — Bravo, reality competition
What happened: Everyone complains about bisexual contestant CJ during a sports-themed photo shoot, but she manages to avoid elimination anyway.
What else you need to know: read Dara’s mini-recaps of the show here.

That wraps up this week’s rundown of lesbian/bi women on TV — international readers, please email me at short rundowns of the lesbian/bi storylines on your favorite shows on Thursdays. Thanks!

— by Sarah Warn

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